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    Eyedea's Week 13 Preview

    this week we play the disfunctional lions. i think this game could be trouble. First we are on the road, and second the lions have had as many changes as problems. Many would think it would be good facing a team after losing its coach and changing qbs, after players critize the former starter. As seen many times, including last year;s playoffs against teh packers, and this year against the packers, that a team that seems dead in the water, can surprise the other team and pull an upset. the coaching change can spark a team, but also futher burry it in problems. Juron, who is a defensive coach, will probably change the game plan, but the question vikings' coaching are wondering is what. Tice has said they need to think outside the box. expect the vikings, expessially on defense, to play more basic, zone, sit-back and watch early in the game, to feel out their opponent. the change to garcia could also be a bad thing for the vikings. The vikings hope to keep themselves alive in the playoff hunt, while the lions try to find if thier changes can spoil thier division rival's season.

    Keys to the game:
    1. run the ball. last game the line played great, expessally in the first half, setting the tone for the game. Bennett ran for over 100 for the first, and only time of the year. In the past few games, the vikings have used the run to set up the play action, for deep passes downfield. expect deep passes to williamson, robinson and wiggins. This makes the running game even more important.

    2. protect johnson. protecting the qb is always key. the line should not have too much trouble, as johson will use quick 3-step drops.

    3. hold on to the football. as our defense has shown in the past few games, turnovers are very important.

    stop jones and the running game: we have done great lately, and the only sign that says we wont is the loss the kevin williams. we need to make garcia and company one diminsional, and force mistakes.

    watch garcia scambling. Garcia has been injuried, but has had over 1 week to get healthy. he posses a threat on the ground. the only other scrambling qb we have faced, was vick, and we struggled stopping him. with young playes (mosely, James, scott, johnson) playing on the line, this could be an issue.

    My Prediction: I think this could easly see this being a blow out on the road. Juron could get them fired up and strike fast, causing us to change our game plan. We really dont have a good idea of what they are going to be doing offensively. However, I think Johnson will be able to withstand any surge the lions can withstand, and control the game. the vikings will win a close game 24-20

    Playoff Picture:
    Here are the games with playoff implications and who we want to win:

    Packers @ Bears
    ---sadly, we are rooting for the packers in this one, because the bears must lose atleast 2 games for use to take the divison. If they lose and we beat the lions, we whould control our own destiny! this is because if we win out, we would be tied, but would have the tie breaker, because we would only have 1 divison loss, while the bears would have 2.

    Bucs @ Saints
    --- we want the saints to win. it could be possible as the saints play much better at home, and won 4 straight at the end of last year to spoil other potiential playoff teams.

    Cowboys @ Giants
    --- We want the cowboys to win, and eventually take the division. We have the tie breaker over the giants but not the cowboys.

    Atlanta @ Carolina
    --- Both teams have the tiebreaker over us, but atlanta has one more loss, and hopefully will have 1 more after this week.
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    Re: Eyedea's Week 13 Preview

    good read. thanks for the taking the time to post all that information. this is going to be the only time i remeber rooting for the packers, it makes me want to puke.

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Eyedea's Week 13 Preview

    nice ideas eyedea

    haha im so lame.

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: Eyedea's Week 13 Preview

    I won't be rooting for the packers...
    Rooting is wanting them to do really good.
    I just want them to get more points than "da bears", i tie would be nice, ha

    thanks for the playoff picture previews and picks.. i agree with them.
    we need bear, panther, falcon, bucs, and giants losses
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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