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    Even a baseball guy has to admit football is king

    [size=13pt]Jim Souhan: Even a baseball guy has to admit football is king[/size]

    Because of its once-a-week, telegenic nature, every game is an event, no matter how bad the local team might be.

    By Jim Souhan, Star Tribune

    Last update: October 13, 2007 – 8:32 AM

    Vikings players don't get a lot of chances to act like NFL fans -- to collapse on the couch on Sundays and watch football, eat junk food and feel their brains atrophy until John Madden sounds profound and Jimmy Johnson's hair becomes a Rorschach test.......

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Even a baseball guy has to admit football is king

    I'm suprised,

    Actually a nice read by Jim.....

    It was't always that way, thats for sure.
    Football always came in second to Baseball. But that has changed over the years, now Football is King of sports in the USA.
    Personaly, it always has been in my eyes, but now it is in the majoritys eyes also.

    I'm pround to call myself a fan of the NFL and football in general.
    Best dam sport in the world, in my eyes anyways.....

    And a close second has to be Fishing....LOL



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    Re: Even a baseball guy has to admit football is king

    I'm going to start posting these articles when I see them, so I can join the article posting elite. (I check a few times a day).

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