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    espns power rankings, and mine

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    espns power rankings, and mine

    Sean Saunders

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    espns power rankings, and mine

    The Warmest Displaced Viking Fan

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    espns power rankings, and mine

    yeah, if you havent already seen it ESPN has there power rankings out

    and a tad early i think, i dont agree with them though to much, although they are pretty solid picks, so i laid mine down. Remember this is kinda a version that has alot of sleeper teams coming of big time so dont go nuts about some of my picks

    1. Raiders, they will get it done, team is to good..
    2. Bucs, Will be VERY good but cant see a repeat in them
    3. Dolphins, D looks insane, Seau wont let em choke
    4. Giants, Really high on this team for some reason
    5. Patriots, Brady will keep it going this year!
    6. Eagles, D wont be as strong, Duce is nothing
    7. Steelers, Tommy i dont like
    8. Colts, All depends on the Edge,the other 2 are certian
    9. Titans, McNair is a Flat out winner, aging though
    10. Ravens, that D will make a difference, really..
    11. Bills, To many good players now
    12. Vikings, Way to go, back in the playoffs!!!
    13. Falcons, Vick goes off in 04, just miss out though
    14. Packers, Havent got any better this offseason
    15. Jets, Offense will slow down, hard divsion
    16. 49ers, Owens and who?
    17. Chargers, LT might get 2000 even, still, not enough
    18. Bears, Top 10 D with a QB who will keep the warm
    19. Seahawks,These guys wont be consistent,but still good
    20. Panthers,no2 D last year, now they got a Offense,DAVIS
    21. Rams, These guys will be the 2002 vikings i think
    22. Jaguars, Got some names, but it wont work yet..
    23. Broncos, ...... Plumer?.........
    24. Redskins,Not sure on Spuuier's plans,D will make plays
    25. Chiefs, with or with out holmes, no playoffs yet
    26. Saints, Brooks sucks arse, No D here aswell
    27. Lions, 26, wow, improving, way to go Detriot!!!!
    28. Bengals, will still be good for a joke despite lewis
    29. Cowboys, gotta outscore your oppenent to win,they cant
    30. Browns, Will show 02 was a damm fluke
    31. Texans, good for a few upsets i think
    32. Cardinals, Not even Emmit will make a difference here

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