"bigdogbovy" wrote:

Puh lease.

They have KC and the Seahawks at 5 & 6, 2 teams we knocked the crap out of last year, GB beat the Seahawks as well

Falcons at 7 just because vick is back? so much for you need a team.

Horrible rankings

Seattle definately deserves their ranking. They had a good team last year, and added some good talent on D this offseason. I don't agree with the KC though. They had a horrible d last year, and what did they do in the offseason to fix it? They signed no one. They have all the D starters back, but why would they want them? For the 2nd straight year, they use their first pick of the draft on an offensive player?? God they are stupid! Is denny green secretly controlling their team?

I think atlanta derserves to be in the top 10, as long as vick is healthy. we saw what he did for their team last year, when he came back. Their d was horrible last year, but when he came back, he made it a lot easier on their D, and they played a lot better. They drafted an awesome Cb, in DeAneglo Hall, as well as a good WR in jenkins. I think they will have a very dangerous team next year, if vick can stay healthy.

With the additions we have made this offseason, basically filling every hole on our team with really good players, it is hard to think we won't be a top 10 team in the NFL next year, at least. It all lies on our coaches, they need to be able to get all these new guys to gel with our existing starters. If they can, we should have an awesome team. Remember, we are using another new d scheme next year, so who knows what to expect. I expect big things though, with all the talent we now have, on both sides of the ball.