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    Re: ESPN magazine = idiots

    #1 Is Nate, Our best all-around WR. 80 catches 1100-1200 yds and 12 tds
    #2/#3 is going to split between M Rob and TT all year. M Rob is more of our deep threat/Red zone guy, while TT is going to be the 5-20 yd pass patterns for first downs etc.

    #4 Troy is going to be the deep guy, plus some WR screens and reverses (Tice mentioning that they are going to but some packages in for him where he can make plays with his talent, not with his football smarts and hands) Like some of you said he is a rookie, and based on his college exp, he needs some seasoning)

    I truly don't expect much outta Troy this year. But for everyone who wanted Big Mike Williams, the NFL network reported that he isn't even slated to the #3 rec (the slot) in Detroit, which everyone expected.

    I take the NFL network at it's word. SI and the others well, the do suck.

    the Hook's 2 cents

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    Re: ESPN magazine = idiots

    "midgensa" wrote:
    I love my Vikings and all everyone. But Minnesota is just too f**cking cold too f**cking often.
    I need to be able to see my women in bikinis every now and then, not wrapped tight in parkas at all times ... then you just get them home, get all the layers off and realize gol 'darnit, that was not all parka ...
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: ESPN magazine = idiots

    Whatever they do with the WRs this year i don't wanna see ANY of them throw a pass.

    The beauty of the 98 and 00 teams was each receiver had a different role and because of that they helped each other out. Culpepper now has just as many weapons as he did then AND he has a healthy o-line and h-back. His ability to distribute the ball during Moss' injury last season will make him a better QB this year.

    I think the Vikes are smart to limit TW in the preseason because if he does have the speed we hear so much about, it will work to their benefit during the first half of the season. let the other 3 receivers get their TDs, and when they bring TW in on 3 and 4 WR sets, it will leave him in one on one coverage. By the time teams realize just how fast he is, they will have to keep a safety honest leaving the middle open for Wiggins or Taylor.

    That article about Burleson and Moss is funny, because they had that dinner FOUR MONTHS AGO.

    T-minus 3 days!!!!!!

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