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Wow... Childress is as indecisive as a 6 year-old girl at a toy store.

(EDIT: Ironically, that's what Childress put as his 'type' in personal ads back in college.)
Or....... with Erin Henderson being knocked out with a concussion maybe, just maybe Childress gave Alexander his shot and Alexander didn't take advantage of it.
Or.... maybe every 'decision' he makes, he quickly turns around and goes the other direction (ie - QB situation).
Or it could have been just a normal roster move between PS and active roster based on what the medical staff said about Erin.
Hey that's what I said basically.
I like how yall just ignored what i said.... >
I said the exact same thing and in more detail.. and i was totally ignored

I didn't ignore you my friend.

In fact, often times that happens to me as well.
I type out this long post to make a point and then someone else makes the same point in alot less words.
I think sometimes people just ignore the long posts.