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    Re: Erasmus prediction thread

    "vikinggreg" wrote:
    I believe the signing was done on Tuesday @ 11 am

    PPE was the closest with Tuesday 1 EST

    Steaks hit the BBQ @ 5 Saturday so be here early if you want a beer first

    Hope you like it medium rare, beer will be cold of course. ccasion5:
    was I seriously closest? :grin:

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    Re: Erasmus prediction thread

    Here it is from the Star Tribune

    "James officially ended his holdout at about 11 a.m. Tuesday when Vikings officials joined his agents in signing off on a five-year contract worth just under $11 million. Too late for morning practice, James attended afternoon team meetings before coach Mike Tice put him through a very public conditioning test before an evening intrasquad scrimmage at Blakeslee Stadium."

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