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    Re: Emotion in Locker Room

    All I'll say is,

    Get well son PEP,

    You are already missed, but I'll be waiting for the day you return to standing tall under the center and saying HIC....

    God Bless


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    Re: Emotion in Locker Room

    I hope to God that Daunte can come back, and be even better than he was before-with an established, solid defense, receivers, and o-line. Hopefully we will have Matt Birk back-when he was there no one really appreciated him-and now this season we saw what happened with the o-line and we are obviously missing him. I hope that Daunte can win a superbowl or two-he deserves to win it and make all the haters shut up-especially packer fans. I love Daunte, and I cant believe what he is going through right now. I hope that he can watch Vikings games on Sunday and see that his team has rallied around him to win games for him-until he makes that great comeback-and I am looking forward to that game like no other. Everyone who loves the Vikes, the team, the coaches, the fans, should make a prayer for Daunte to recover well and be able to come back to the great game of football. By the way-that shot to his knee by Chris Gamble was dirty and those refs should have seen that. Daunte already had two guys on him, he was going down. Chris Gamble knew what he was doing when he attacked his leg like that, and it broke my heart to see Daunte clutching his leg. Get well Daunte, and come back soon!
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