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    EggNog Ramblings

    Just wondering whether anyone knows of some big name, or up and comer Offensive coordinators who could assume a bigger role in our play calling?

    I am not saying that I believe that Chilly is a bad play caller.
    What I am stating is that Chilly has admitted that he cannot focus on all the things that he needs to
    due to calling the plays.
    I am happy with what the Vikes have done this year in spite of their record lackluster production.
    I believe that we need a true play caller ( NOT A PACKER ) or the head coach.

    And also we need to scrap all of our receivers and TE's other than a select few.
    We need some play makers and a good X and O guy to take us to the next level.

    I would think that hiring officials for practice sessions next season will be high on the priority list as well.
    I have never seen or maybe remembered a more penalized team..........

    Sorry for the random rant, I might have had too much egg nog......

    Merry Christmas and keep the faith!!!!!!

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    Re: EggNog Ramblings

    Lay off the egg nog!!!

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    Re: EggNog Ramblings

    Lay off the spiked nog and ask again later

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