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    Re: Edjerrin James in a Vikes jersey next season

    "midgensa" wrote:
    "TARKenton" wrote:
    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:
    I'm not sure if this has been said, but, James will have zero success unless we get a line. Nobody could run with the way our line has been run blocking. Players need to step up or we need to replace them via Free Agency.

    Some guy named barry sanders didnt have much of line either, but always seemed to find a hole. A great back is a great back.

    I would like to see K-Rob spend some time with Onterrio. Koren has been there and now is reviving his career. I really think O could be a feature back here. He reminds me of Alexander. Big, physical back with a knack for the endzone. IMO, if someone can get through all the bong resin, O will be one unstoppable back.
    I agree with the good back take and the O.Smith take, but I think there is a VERY small chance that Smith is back here next year. Tice likes guys that come to play for him and I cannot imagine he is very happy with Smith's choices, and if Tice is gone ... I don't think Zygi is all that happy with Onterrio either.
    It all depends on OS.

    What is he willing to do for himself to get back on the straight & narrow. If he get's the help he needs & has a desire to quit & does, then he deserves the same chance K-Rob is getting.

    Spending time with K-Rob might help, but it's OS that has to make his own choices.

    K-rob is by no fashion out of the woods yet. He is still in early recovery, but he's doing the things he needs to do to stay on the right path. One day at a time.

    He can only lead OS by example. Let's hope he follows.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Edjerrin James in a Vikes jersey next season

    I doubt he'll end up with us next year. It would be cool, but I doubt it.

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    Re: Edjerrin James in a Vikes jersey next season

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    Hey man even crappy player can have a good day.. I know the line sucked but come on man.. I'm a Bennett fan but he isn't very good.. U know it.. No way should he be our starter.. He falls too easy and can only bounce runs to the outside.. But yah I was happy with his performace against a crappy D yesterday!

    I totally disagree with Bennett being crappy. Bennett did a great job inside and out yesterday on the plays where the Det D Line wasn't 1 yard in our backfield when the ball was handed to him. Bennett's TD run, was up the middle and he took on 3 hits and still made it to the endzone.

    I am not saying it was a great day, but it was decent. It is really difficult to say without looking at the tape again, I would like to know if there were an olinemen that were blocking better on the runs than their replacement. Tice was running linemen in and out, in a rotation.
    SIA I have to give you and MB credit, he did look very good this weekend breaking a few tackles, making guys miss, and fighting for extra yards. Unfortunately, he cant do it on a consistant basis. That was the first game in a long time that I have seen anything from MB that has impressed me. I dont know what his problem is he has flashes of brilliance and just a horrible aweful streak in between. I have always liked the guy but I have come to realize that I dont want him as our feature back.....ever

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