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    Re: Edinger History-A drunk

    "audioghost" wrote:
    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    Audio where did u get all that info?

    And who hasnt gotten drunk before man? it aint nothing anymore.. its all too common

    Wow, thats sad to hear that so many people think drunk driving is ok....nobody got arrested for drinking....drinking until you puke is totally legal, if you're 21 as almost if not all NFL players ARE....but drunk driving, no wait, let me get this so you can read it DRUNK DRIVING is totally illegal and it pisses off people like me who have lost family and/or friends cuz some stupid f******g drunk decided he needed to go for a drive.....but 'it ain't nothing', I guess....
    I appears as if he posted that getting drunk aint nothing. He had nothing in there about driving drunk. Chill bro.

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    Re: Edinger History-A drunk

    WOW, did some investigating and found this..

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    Re: Edinger History-A drunk

    If it takes a few beers for him to nail a 50 yarder, well then I say it's a fair trade! :lol:

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