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[size=10pt]Minnesota Vikings official: We're ignoring feelers about moving to L.A.[/size]

By Rick Alonzo
[email protected]
Posted: 02/11/2009 12:01:00 AM CST
The group led by Roski, a real estate developer, has been in contact with the Vikings since last summer. But the Vikings contend they are focused on winning approval for a new stadium in the Twin Cities.

"They check in periodically," Bagley said. "They want to meet with our ownership. I haven't heard anything in the last few weeks. But we basically said our guys are not ready to talk to them. We've got issues to resolve here. We've still got time. Our product's ready to go."

Gov. Tim Pawlenty hasn't shown much interest in discussing the stadium project, Bagley said
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though i still feel its relevant here
At least you added it to the thread about the same topic, rather than start a new one about the same thing. If you didn't have to find the correct spot you probably would have been first.
The correct spot? This thread is about the revenue the Vikings brought in, not about the team moving to LA or elsewhere where they are being enticed. Two different subjects, IMO. If you are talking about it belonging here because it mentions a new stadium, then this entire thread should be here;