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    Economic impact of the Vikings hot streak

    Anyone want to make a guess on how much the Vikings winning streak means to the local bars and establishments? If we were coming into this game on a 4 game losing streak, the bars would be pretty sporadically attended, but I bet the bars are going to be PACKED tomorrow night.

    It will be a lot of fun to get out tomorrow, have some beers and it will be a loud crowd everywhere. Vikings fever is everywhere! Even at my work, a guy came up to me and flashes 2 "V" signs and says -- you know what this is -- it stands for another "Vikings Victory. and when you put the two V's together -- you get the big W."

    It's pretty fun to see -- I would love to trade places with Joe Senser tomorrow because he is going to make a TON of money!!

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    Re: Economic impact of the Vikings hot streak

    I'll tell you who's making a killing are the ticket brokers. Four weeks ago you could buy tickets for this game for $10 and today they are fetching well over $100.
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