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Thread: Easy Schedule

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    Easy Schedule

    Was the reason for the 6-0 record because of th fact that we had an easy schedule or because it took five and half games for teams to figure out that if you run outside that Vikings defense can not catch them.

    Yesterdays game was a carbon copy of what it looked like when Denny Green was our coach. Our offense could score but our defense could not stop anyone. Is this going to change. Hopefully before we let lowly Oakland run all over us again on Sunday.

    All of you bandwagon fan ara off of the wagon now an so there is room for the real fans. The real fan sticke with the team through thick and thin. Not run at the first site of problems. The true viking fans are still behind the team. Go VIKES.
    viking 61

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    Easy Schedule

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    Easy Schedule

    Darold "PaPa" Gustafson 1927-2004, Carol Gustafson 1935-2005, U guys are back together in Heaven, We Miss u!!

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