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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    "PurplePumpkin" wrote:
    I'm surprised that no one is blaming Mack Strong.Without his push it would not have happened. Matt had to see henderson coming ... lifting his leg should not have been to hard for him being the dog that he is ;D
    I did. Read my comment in the "Comments" section of the 2nd article.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    This is what I am posting on their website.

    I have read all your posts and you people need to quit making excuses we won the game because we were and are the better team, so get over it and move on!

    Your player pushed Henderson into Hasselbeck and that is that the league found nothing wrong with the play, and this is sour grapes!

    As far as the high fives they stopped the drive, and it is kind of usual to high five coming off the field after stopping a drive!

    Your allegations are baseless and insulting and if you can't handle the truth then live in your little dream world, because I have watched the play at least 10 times and if Strong wouldn't have pushed Henderson than he wouldn't have made contact with Hasselbeck!

    If you want to see a cheap hit go back and look at the Vikes / Carolina game from 2005 and watch the hit on Daunte Culpepper when his knee was taken out with a helmet to the knee tackle, now that was cheap and we complained less about that then you guys are about this!

    We won so get over it, and thanks again for Hutchinson he was key to that 95 yard run by Chester Taylor!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    "singersp" wrote:
    [size=13pt]Henderson feels vindicated [/size]


    Comment from: singersp ( Registered User )
    I have never seen so many Seahawks fans this deep into denial since last years Superbowl loss.

    The video of the play clearly shows #38 Mack Strong blocking E.J. Henderson, knocking him backwards & into Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck didn’t see it because he’s looking down field watching his pass to see if it was completed or not.

    Video doesn’t lie. Anyone that watches the replay of the injury & still claims it to be a “cheap shot” or intentional is either in denial, blind, a fool or two of the three. That pretty much sums up most of the comments posted here.

    10/28/06 @ 06:59

    [size=11pt]You need to register or log in to place a comment.[/size]
    More comments from the Seahags;

    Comment from: SnakeDoctor ( Registered User )
    10/28/06 @ 07:24

    Comment from: bartholder22 ( Registered User )
    Sing- this would have died if it weren't for the comments made by the persons involved-- Mack and Matt, both professional football players w/ extensive experience, thought Henderson should have stopped on the play-- he didn't, it was not illegal just completely unecessary, like body slamming Hackett later in the game--

    Video doesn't lie??? Mack didn't even extend his arms towards Matt when pushing EJ- he was pushing down on him so his momementum should have carried him down not towards Hass--

    Dirty hit, EJ will get his that is a guarantee next time he suits up against the Hawks
    10/28/06 @ 07:31

    Comment from: WiscCory ( Registered User )
    Singer - the point you didn't address is the high 5's on the Viking sideline. I think you've gone to an extreme with your thought, and a generalization about the fans that isn't true.

    Snake - Strong had a definite role in EJ rolling into Hass. It's not indesputable that EJ did it on purpose, though, and that's why I wish Hass would've been less public on the matter. The "EJ only knows" part is what I would've prefered Hass limited his public thoughts to.
    10/28/06 @ 07:36

    Comment from: jzulaski ( Registered User )

    Video DOESN'T lie but, your interpretation of it seems flawed.

    I watched and rewatched it like 10 times. I slow-motioned it through the incident back and forth. Here is the sequence of events:

    1. Mack blocks Henderson down to the ground,
    2. the ball is released.
    3. Henderson turns his head to watch the ball
    4. Henderson was down but then scuttles his lower body to his left right into Hasselbeck after the play was over.
    5. Hasselbeck goes down in pain.
    6. Henderson celebrates on the sidelines.

    It's plain as the nose on your face. Henderson's motion to the ground was completely stopped but through an additional effort on his part, he slid his body into Hasselbeck while looking back at the ball. Even after Henderson hits Hasselbeck, he never looks back at Matt.

    But, in NO way did Mack block him back into Matt. Henderson did THAT under his own power.

    How you missed that is very surprising to me. But don't take my word for it, you should go back and look at it again. That game is now listed under ComCast's local games under the ON Demand area (if you have Comcast).


    Joe Zulaski
    10/28/06 @ 09:50

    Comment from: JimWilke ( Registered User )
    I suspect Matt has watched the video a few times and, better than that, he was there. I'll take his word for what happened.
    10/28/06 @ 10:06

    Comment from: cititravis ( Registered User )
    I just want to know whe that mug shot was taken of about looking guilty the pic does not lie.LOL
    10/28/06 @ 10:26

    Comment from: jzulaski ( Registered User )
    I just went back and watched NFL Replay's version of the Seahawk/Vikings game and specifically the hit on Hasselbeck.

    Now I can understand how Singer could feel that Mack Strong blocked Henderson into Matt. The angle of the view of the play that NFL Replay has looks like that's what happened.

    But, I recorded the game that day and there were many other angles of that play - some clearly showing that Mack Strong's block was down to the ground and clear of Matt. Then you can see Henderson scuttle sideways.

    So, I can understand why Singer would feel the way he does. If you don't see the play at the right angle, you would think that Mack Strong blocked Henderson into the Quarterback.


    Joe Zulaski
    10/28/06 @ 11:17

    Comment from: singersp ( Registered User )
    Sorry, but I taped the game as well. Watch it again & this time take off your Seahawk shades. EJ is going for a clean hit on Hasselbeck, Strong blocks him down to the ground & he slides into Hasselbeck from the force of the block.

    "A body in motion, tends to remain in motion".

    You will notice & pay careful attention, (got those glasses off) both of Hendersons knees & hands are on the turf & NEVER leave the turf. In order for him to "scuttle" as you claim, he would have to move them in order to do so. Again he NEVER does.

    The NFL commission viewed the play from all the angles as well & made their ruling correctly.

    Now it's sad that your QB was injured on the play, I hate to see any player get injured, but this is the NFL & injuries happen.
    10/29/06 @ 05:40

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    The Seasquawks just don't want to admit that we beat them fair and square...they SO MUCH wanted to rub a loss into Steve Hutchinson's face that to not be able to do it is just killing they grab any straw that they can to discredit the win.

    Get over it, Seahag fans!!!

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Frankly, and this is a wee bit of a cynical viewpoint............if the NFL could have ruled against the Vikings they would have. But they didn't, so in my mind that means there was absolutely no way to show an infraction there.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Remember, Singer, that nothing you say there, no matter how well thought out or how accurate it may be, will be accepted as fact.
    Those short, one-off, message boards are filled with "My Mind Is Made Up, Don't Confuse Me With The Facts" people.

    Actually, it's a lot like argueing with a wife...even if you're right, you're wrong.

    Seahawks fans know they're toast.
    They were already struggling, and were trying to get back on track, and now their star QB is out.
    They CAN'T blame one of their Henderson becomes their "Fall Guy".

    As for the reference to Culpepper's injury last season, keep in mind that Daunte was stinking it up for us and had already - PERSONALLY - derailed our pre-season predicitions.
    Losing Daunte, for us, was like having a wart removed.
    A handful of fans were upset by it, but most of us weren't all that upset.

    Anyway, you'll have better luck fightiing that fight on a real Seahawks board...some place with moderators and the ability to post more than a brief one-shot.
    There, you're also more likely to run into rational, thinking people who are willing to look beyond knee-jerk reactionism.

    But, it IS fun to tweak noses on long as you don't ever hope to convince then of anything.


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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Hey, I coulda told youse mugs dat Henderson didn't do nuttin', y'know?
    Da Seahags are just lookin' for a fall guy to pin da rap on, an' dat's what Henderson is to dem pantywaist palookas, y'know?

    Henderson's just like me, a innacent mug, wit' a rap pinned on 'im, y'know? 'Cept da D.A. didn't see it dat way.... :'(
    "From the fury of the Northmen, O Lord, save us!"
    -- From a monestary in Ireland.

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    [size=15pt]Hasselbeck: Viking tried to injure me[/size]

    "I'm sure (Henderson) didn't try to put me out for a long period of time, but they didn't want me to finish the game, either," Hasselbeck said.

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    It's football.....someone will get hurt.

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Was there any doubt? I am sure that EJ felt bad, but is football!! Stuff like this is going to happen. I am glad that the NFL cleared EJ. I am sure that some Seattle fans might feel differently about the outcome, and that is understandable. But again, it was an accident.

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