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Thread: dungy on moss

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    Re: dungy on moss

    "TheAnimal93" wrote:
    That is crazy, Dungy sticking up for an act like that. I totally didn't think he would condone it. BUTT he has seen the otherside that the MEDIA GUYS didn't bother to mention because they haven't experienced it.

    He certainly didn't like ABC skit with TO on MNF with the desperate housewife. He didn't like the ABC part of it, he actually defended TO to some extent. I actually thought about his comments from that incident and tought in my mind that he wouldn't approve of Moss' actions.

    dungy did say that he didnt condone his actions and national tv was not the platform. that was important, shouldnt left that out.
    guess that stuff like that is easier to swallow after whoppin up on the broncos.
    Yeah, I just heard Dungy's comments on it. He didn't think it was the best thing to do on TV but he had a smile on his face and said "I am sure the Viking guys on the sideline got a chuckle out of it."

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    dungy on moss

    Yeah, considering Dungy is one of the most moral, uptight guys in the league (as displayed by the whole TO + Nicholette Sheridan thing) its a great thing for Moss that he came out and said it wasn't a big deal. Cuz it wasnt!!!!!!!

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    dungy on moss

    watch out dungy now that the media knows you are on Randy's side they are going for you next.


    In Shocking news Indianapolis Police found 22 pounds of marjuana, then when they were trying to arrest dungy he attempted to pull a knife on the cops!

    Everyone hates him because:
    *they dont have him
    *they want him
    *packers fan
    *slept on the wrong side of the bed

    I am glad Dungy helped a brother out in this one.

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