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Thread: Dumb Vs Dumber

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    Dumb Vs Dumber

    or better known as Tice vs Haslett. Two of the most pathetic coaches in the league square off in a nationally televised game at the Superdome. Both teams are laden with talent, the Vikes are pulling off the W's, albeit by causing trips to the ER for its fans. The Saints go into their last season with Haslett at the helm.

    Haslett was considered the savior for the Saints when they won their first and only playoff game against the Rams a few years back (the Vikes destroyed them in the next game). Haslett won the coach of the year award that year. Since then the team has been hovering between playoff bound and the dregs of the league. The Saints have been one of the most inconsistent teams in the league with some of the worse leadership at every level.

    Recently, Brooks has shown glimpses of being able to lead the team. Haslett has proven to all that he is an idiot that has no right being a HC in the NFL. The umbrella-waving Benson should be banned from the stadium.

    Tice is coaching a team that has as much talent as any team in the NFL. He has shown questionable leadership skills throughout his tenure as HC.

    Both teams have the distinction of having used car salesmen owning the franchise. That does not bode well for either team.

    Am I ready for the battle of the idiot head coaches? You betcha. The Vikes should have no problem tacking on over 30 points and the Saints will have a tough time putting up more than 24.

    Let the battle of Dumb vs Dumber begin.

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    Dumb Vs Dumber

    I am not ready to label Tice as an idiot yet. I think that he is the real deal. He is a player's coach, players love to play for guys like this. He does not seem to have any discipline problems (on the field at least). As a Vikings fan, we come to expect this mediocore play from the Viks. Their the biggest roller coaster ride in MN.

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    Dumb Vs Dumber

    IF tice does not work out as the HC, i would definetely like to see him at work in the front office in charge of player scouting or some sort of job where he can use his eye for talent.

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    Dumb Vs Dumber

    Yes, find him another position in the organization.

    Yes, Hasslett has run the Saints into the ground.

    Players Coaches don't work for the long haul. Unless they are a disciplinarian first and understanding second. A coach has to have that Parcell's attitude, I will get inyour face enough to make you take a swing at me if you need someone to be in your face. He knows that the player will appreciate it more if he is motivated and ends up playing better.

    Take Gruden and Martz, their teams were good and took a nose dive, even when they had all their players intact heck Martz still pretty much has his same SB team intact. Not much discipline, players coaches.

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