It doesn't matter how good the DB's are when the D-line gives the quarterback too much time to throw. Pass rush is under-rated in pass protection. Any receiver can get open on any corner given time. The Vikes D will be improved to middle of the pack next year unless Vikes, through a coup, get a stud tackle like Robertson to compliment Hovan or outside burner like Suggs to wreak havoc. Defense is intimidation. Vikes D, though solid, does not intimidate. Offense is a machine, and Culpeper will have a good year, now that he has worked out the bugs and adjusted to Tice's system, but Vikes will not go over the top unless D dominates and that starts up front.

Consider in the "Purple People Eater" days our '75 #1 D was anchored by Carl Eller, Jim Marshal and Alan Page...'nuff said. If it wasn't for the lame-ass hail marry, Vikes would have gone to 4 SB's in a row.
OR how about that #1 ranked D of the '88 team, the Vikes, through a 5-week stint, beat opponents 44-17; 43-3; 12-3; 23-0; 45-3. How? Unbelievable, raging pressure from stud anchors Thomas, Millard and Doleman and solid D play from the rest of the team. If the Vikes had a little better running game, this team could've been the one beating Cincy in the SB.

Let's invest in a monster for the d-line!

To all people wanting us to get rid of Culpepper or Moss for defense - remember 1989 and Mike Lynn. Thanks to Mike Lynn's stupid trade of draft picks and key solid defensive players like Isaac Holt and Jesse Solomon, Vikes missed a shot at competing with Frisco for dynasty rights. This team could've been our '85 Bears![Edited by MiamiViking on 04/23/03 09:35 PM]