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    the down fall continues

    That was such a convincing win yesterday... there was what a total of 2 yards offensively? OK yeah I know thats exagerated... but seriously winning in overy time by a safety? True you walked away with the W yesterday, BUT playing that against us isn't going to get you anywhere, just like our last gameagainst each other!!

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    Re: the down fall continues

    "rockbear99" wrote:
    "cheesefree" wrote:
    the Bears have sucked for 20 years and nothing has changed.
    what have you guys done in the last 30 yrs. at least we know that we are not a very good football team. You guys just dont know it yet.
    Since you enjoy being a troll, why don't you go to a Colts forum and give them a good laugh. Tell them all about your defense and how you beat the last place Titans with 150 yards of "offense", just to give them an idea what's in store for them this weekend if they get into a shootout with Duh Bears.
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    the down fall continues

    Why the hell are bear fans talking smack. Their team sucks, i mean its like they are going to win the division now since we lost and now they are 1 game behind us and the slackers.

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