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Thread: Doug Gabriel!!!

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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    ESPN Story..

    Claim him ??

    I think we should give him a shot.. At least he did good in New England until he apperantly had a fumble on an important play and he didnt play more.. -


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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    I think we should pick him up also, I am a big fan of receivers and this year we havent had much productivity out of ours. In my opinion anyway. I say Claim Him!

    Thanks PPE for the Sig

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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    I was under the impression we already had a surplus of #2-#3 receivers.

    If he's not good enough for a New England team that is short on WR, then he's not good enough for the Vikings.
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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    I would be all for it, as long as we do not take any type of major Cap hit for him

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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    BOTH the Raidahs and Patsies gave up on him in the same he worth the trouble?

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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    What the hell give him a shot...I remember reading that Oakland fans were surprised that he went to the patsies...can it really hurt to bring him in?
    If he can catch the ball...sign him up.

    If he fumbles, just keep him close to the sideline so it just goes out of bounds.
    (sarcastic part)
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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    just heard on WEEI (boston radio) Gabriel back w/ the Raiders

    so the raider's get a 5th rd pick after they let the pats borrow him for a couple months. not bad

    edit: found a link

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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    Why are we all of a sudden on a patriots receivers rejects kick??

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    Raiders signed him.

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    Re: Doug Gabriel!!!

    Why is everyone saying it'd be OK to get this guy?

    I watched him a couple times and hes a playmaker, thats what we need, so way is it just OK to get him, sure he had some fumbles or w/e but i'd really like to have him. At least he can catch the ball,

    ok the raiders signed him there goes that idea

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