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    Doubter of Daunte?

    "diesavike" wrote:
    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    "diesavike" wrote:
    I am a doubter. Not because I think he's a bad QB, I think DC is one of the best quarter backs in the league. I have to agree with VATW :scratch:, the only thing he needs to prove is that he can hold on to the ball, his fumbles went down last year, and I hope, and I think they will go down this year, and in the future, if he can do that, I will no longer doubt him. I know alot of them aren't his fault, but when he fumbles when nobody's around is what drives me nuts.
    Shut up you closet Packer Bagger, no questioning of Daunte's abilities is allowed here
    The only thing I question is holding onto the ball, and I think that is warranted considering his fumbles in the past couple seasons. Otherwise I think he's a hell of a quarterback, and I would never bench him for fumbling. It's just my opinion, settle down.
    This game should go along way to extinguishing your doubts...5 TDs, 0 fumbles, 0 picks = 1 WIN (Vikes 3-1 and on top of the NFC North)

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    Doubter of Daunte?

    Yes, this game helped. I hope he plays this well throughout the year, and I hope at the end of the season someone brings this back up and I look like a goof for doubting his hands. Great game Daunte.
    Sell crazy someplace else...we're all stocked up here.

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    Doubter of Daunte?

    I used to be a doubter. As of now, I see him with way more confidence than the past. He used to make of lot of bad decisions in the past with his passing game, but I no longer worry about it. I am glad we will have him for a while, although there were many times I thought he should be on the bench or traded the last few seasons. I have faith in him this season because he is the least of our worries as a team right now. It was not his fault we almost lost to the Texans, while in prior years, his decisions and turnovers were large contributors to losses.
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    Doubter of Daunte?

    I do not doubt him at all. He just scares the heck outta me. All I could think about at the end of the game was, "ok where's the fumble?" Mabye the could surgically switch hands between Daunte and Udeze????

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    Doubter of Daunte?

    I've always said that Daunte was dynamite...only sometimes it blew up in our own faces! This is starting to look like this will be his big-change year...he had WAY too many fumbles and wasn't always aware of pressure coming on him in the pocket. 4 games in and anyone can tell he's improved massively in those areas. He gets to the side when he's under pressure and tosses it away...he's knows he can't just sit in the pocket forever, especially with our injured O line...and his decisions have just plain improved. When he gets half decent protection he is as good as any QB and he's still pretty young. GO DAUNTE! :cheers:

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