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    Dontarrious Thomas

    I like the fact that we got this guy i've seen some of his highlights and a live interview thing on him on NFL Network. I like his attitude toward the game.

    He is a very agressive linebacker i think he likes to blitz quite a bit, i hear that he is a bad tackler then i hear he is a good solid tackler, i dont think he is a bad tackler u just dont get where he got being a bad tackler. He has unrealized potetial, he has a great work ethic acording to the reports i've seen on him so thats always a plus. He has some versatility and played the strong side in college also so if the vikes wanted they could play him at strong side and leave claiborne where he played last year. I'm not sure if he will be great his first year but he can replace crocket for sure. i see him as really coming on in a couple of years and bein a killer linebacker. I believe he will be a starter at the beginning of the year!

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    Dontarrious Thomas

    I actually heard that he played weak side in college, but then moved to middle his senior. Maybe that hurt his production and caused him not to be rated as high. Anyway, I am confident he will be a good pick. The Vikings have generally made good choices in the past draft, and anybody who they feel is good enough to trade up for probabaly is a pretty good player.

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