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Thread: DONT LEAVE!!

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    Vikings | Culpepper raises possibility of playing elsewhere
    Sun, 18 Dec 2005 20:56:07 -0800

    The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports Minnesota Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper brought up the possibility of playing somewhere else for the 2006 season during an off-camera interview with ESPN. Culpepper said, "I want to play where I'm wanted. Whatever team gets me next year, the team where I'm wanted, they'll get a bigger, better, faster Daunte Culpepper." Culpepper also said he's lost 25 pounds from his previous 265-pound frame in an effort to reduce stress on his knee.

    There is no way that this will there?
    He shall stay in minnesota where he can do great good next year for our vikings...

    There is no way in my mind that he will be gone next year....

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    Re: DONT LEAVE!!


    Nah it's all good.. I don't think he will get traded.. This is getting taken the wrong way.. Who wouldn't wanna play where they are wanted? And who would want to play where they aren't wanted.. He is just saying if we don't want him to trade him.. But we want him

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    Re: DONT LEAVE!!

    Please don't start another forum about this because ultra is gonna click on this read it and just lock it.

    "SSSMMMOOTTT" & "Toine" will be the best CB combo in the NFL next year TRUST ME!!!

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    Re: DONT LEAVE!!

    Look at the date on that....Dec 18.

    Do ya think its been posted yet? :???:

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