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    Donovan guarantees victory...

    "muchluv4moss" wrote:
    Wow! Seriously guys, do you not think that culpepper thinks we are gonna win and that if he was asked he would say yes?? Ask any player and they would say the same, what else is a player suppose to say, No??? So mcnabb thinks they are gonna win. I bet every one of their players feels the same way, as do ours. If the players didn't feel that way, they wouldn't have a shot at winning. Saying we will win and garaunteeing a win is totally different. Mcnabb saying we will win, means he thinks they will win. Him garaunteeing it, means not only does he think it will happen, but it actually will happen no matter what. Lets not twist his words guys.
    I hear ya, but the news clip I watched of McNabb was more than him just saying "We'll win" it was him talking about him not being worried at all about our defense, and talking about how our offense doesn't worry him either. Now those aren't his exact words, but what I got from the news clip was that he sounded kinda cocky and made it sound like there's not a chance we can win. That's just my opinion on the issue, if I'm wrong about that then fine. But I totally understand what you're saying and maybe I havne't been all that clear with my posts on the issue. I know our guys think they will win too, but they don't have the cockiness about it that McNabb did, and I never heard Daunte Culpepper say "We're going to win" he might have alluded to the fact that we have some great weapons so we can win, but he didn't come right out and say it. That's all I'm trying to say.

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    Donovan guarantees victory...

    Oh, come on now. This is getting downright silly.

    You show me ONE guy on either team that says, "We're going to lose", and I'll show you a guy deactivated for the game.

    Players are SUPPOSED to be confident in their team. They're SUPPOSED to think they can beat the other team. They're SUPPOSED to tell the media that they will be victorious.

    Sheesh....imagine the media fallout if they DIDN'T.

    Imagine if Culpepper or McNabb said, "Well, to be honest guys...I think they're a better team than we are, and we really don't have that good of a chance of beating them. I'm already polishing up my golf clubs". Heads would be rolling, and Joe Buck would be saying, "That's the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever heard..."

    This topic has run it's course.

    We all agree that our team is better...whichever team that may be.


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    Donovan guarantees victory...

    "FeartheFreak" wrote:
    See ya Monday Freak. probably won't.
    Man, your short term memory is really bad. I told you already where I will be come Monday:

    So tell me, what do folks like yourself do for fun after football season? Ice fishing, hunting, snowmobile jumping..what? :cheers:
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