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    does anyone order jersey from this site

    Does anyone order from WWW.I-AM-A-SPAMMER-TROLL.COM
    my bor told me today.
    has other cheap site can show me.
    thanks, waiting on line

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    Re: does anyone order jersey from this site

    They look alright. A few things to keep in mind:

    almost all Jerseys you buy for under $200 WILL be knockoffs. However, the trick is to find good ones. The good ones are usually made at the actual reebok outsourced factories, using the same templates/materials, hwoever they are made after hours and the sweatshop owners pocket the profits.

    Things to look for: Reebok logo on sleevs should be near the top of the sleeve.
    Corners of numbers should be rounded
    The nameplate should be mesh, as should the back of the jersey immediately above the nameplate.
    Sleeve cuffs, all White material, Collar and bottom half of the sleeves should be a stretchy spandex material.
    Sizes should be numerical (48, 50, etc)
    Collar should taper slightly at the bottom towards the NFL Equipment logo.

    Anything titled "Player of the Century" are terrible knock-offs, I wouldn't pay $5 for them.

    If those qualities are there, odds are you have yourself a decent looking shirt.

    That is ONLY for the current home/away Vikings jerseys. Throwback/probowl/alternate/womens jerseys will differ.

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