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    Re:Do you ever get depressed being a Vikings fan?

    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    I am willing to say that the 2010 team is better than that one.
    Would you be saying that if Favre wasn't our QB? ;P
    Comeon. You know the answer to that. Again, the QB is important, but I don't think he is THAT important.

    Quick question, did Sanchize cause the Jets to win or loose last year?

    As I said in another thread. Good teams win cause they have good starters, great teams win cause they have good depth behind thier starters.

    In short, this is the ultimate team sport. Good teams with a few stars can get by, great teams with players that function as a team will get it done.
    You smell that? Smells like bullshit
    Dodged my question didn't ya. LOL.

    Keep fishing, I might eventually bite. :P
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Do you ever get depressed being a Vikings fan?

    The 1998 NFC Championship game made me depressed and angry. I refused to talk to ANYbody the entire rest of the day, and my family and friends gave me the "alone time" I needed. 12 years and 2 NFC Championship losses later (Giants and Saints), I just get angry.

    Immediately after the Saints game, I was fuming. Now...I just make jokes to help me cope. I guess I've developed a sort of numbness to the pain...I've found it makes it no fun for jackass troll-fans of other teams when they try to talk smack.

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