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    Need to get it done quick, we are running the Senior Bowl Practice starting next week.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainviking View Post
    I think we need not only a DC, but one who brings a new system. The Tampa-2 doesn't work for anyone anymore. There is always a hole in the zone defense, and laying down the Big Hit to knock the ball loose doesn't work any more, becaue the Big Hit is illegal now. They call that, "Personal Foul, 15-yard penalty, and Automatic First Down!" D'oh!!

    What I noticed watching the 49ers defense play the Saints' number 1 offense was that they play man coverage, but play the ball, not the man. You can't hit the guy, so you gotta hit the ball instead. Size and speed help, but eye-hand coordination and timing are what wins the down.

    Well that went well.

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