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    Re: Do the vikings have the worst Q/B situation in the NFC North?

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "bleedpurple" wrote:

    Thanks Cmac... and this comment is just ridiculous!!...

    Zeus... i got a lot of respect for you my man!!.. but what in GOD"s green earth made you come to that conclusion!??
    it certainly aint the stats.. it certainly aint his stellar starting record, or appearance record... what the hell is it... .he's a winner??.. how many games has this dude actually won in his 8 year pro career??...

    if it's a gut feeling then that's your gut.. but you have no proof or any remote of imperrical evidence that dude is a winner.... LIke i've said numerous times throughout the offseason, this dude has averaged alteast a pick everytime he appears in a game.. for however long... and that's not including fumbles.. he's a turnover machine...

    so while i respect you.. that's just a blatant ridiculous statement to make... if he was such a winner then he'd be starting for a team and not traded for a 4th round pick...

    and just further illustrates ridiculous assertions; when opinionated comments regarding how bad our playcalling is; and someone saying that comment idiotic..

    I don't want to bet into a pissing match with yu but i just had to call you out on that one...

    sage a winner...??
    are you serious?.. TJ has more career wins that that dude... so i guess TJ is a stone cold winner...!!!
    I don't believe Sage has gotten an opportunity to be a starter any of the places he's gone.
    Danny Snyder and the Redskins drafted him and then buried him.
    The Dolphins traded for him and then buried him.
    The Texans signed him - and then overpaid for Schaub.

    I believe Rosenfels is a winner based on how he led Iowa State to the first bowl victory in their entire history.
    I, being an ISU rube, watched him closely during his tenure there and then have been frustrated by the continued lack of opportunities he has been given because he's never been the sexy choice.

    So, yes, it's a gut feeling.
    And I trust my gut.

    And now my gut wants me to eat this Jimmy John's sub I just picked up.

    I feel you on your gut.. so i respect gut feelings.. i feel the same about Sanchez and that stafford will be just an average QB... nothing special..

    with that said, I think your love for Sage is you just being a homer as you've watched him develop and were a big fan of him...

    but in reality when you look at it.. sage may have not been given a shot in Wash.. but he didn't deserve it.. didn't earn it in Miami.. and believe it or not, had he just done what he was supposed to do and played well when Shaub was hurt, in those 10 games or so the last two seasons, he either would have taken the job from him or at the very least been an open competition...

    Regardless he hasn't shown looking at his play and stats that he can protect the ball while still being an efficient player... I admit, i'm intrigued by his comp. % but that's about it... I will say though, if he can learn to be smarter with the football and just make the necessary plays and the occasional great play, which he is capable of, then we should be good.. but if he starts turning it over a'la Gus Frerotte before he got hurt and subsequently benched, i don't see the upside in that...

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    Re: Do the vikings have the worst Q/B situation in the NFC North?

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "lukeshkin" wrote:
    If you look at the total QB situation for all teams in the divison i think the vikings are in the best position. I think the divisions qb situations rank as follows

    1. Vikings: Jackson-Rosenfels-Booty
    2. Lions: Culpepper-Stafford*-Stanton
    3. Bears: Cutler-Hanie-Basenez
    4. Packers: Rodgers-Flynn-Brohm

    the vikings are the only team that has anything resembling capable backups. It is pretty likely that your back up will see time during the season and the loser of the T-Jack/Sage position battle will be the most capable back up in the division. what happens if your starting QB is injured during the first game like tom brady was do you really want caleb hanie or matt flynn starting games for an extended period. no way.

    Hmmmmm, for some reason I don't have you on the ole Spreadsheet.
    This post just got you not only on it, but bumped up a few columns...... ;D

    I look a the title of the thread and gravitate to the word "Situation".
    I would rank them in this order.


    That ranking takes the total team situation into account (Def, Skilled players, Coaching Staff, etc).

    When a teams leading reciever is thier rookie RB, followed by thier rookie TE, and you have a converted CB as your primary WR, that is not a good situation.

    Add to that a couple of other facts......1) Thier OL is a shambles.
    They just signed a LT who hasn't stayed healthy since what, 2006 and moved thier first round pick LT to RT cause he can't stay healthy and is better suited as a RT.
    2) Thier Ocoord at one point said that young Cutler doesn't fit the mold he would need to run his offense (Back as a College HC).

    Nope, the BORES got better at QB, but got older at the LT position as well as the 3 positions they won't be able to fix on thier aging defense yesterday.

    I'm am honered to get on the spreadsheet, and yes judged by overall situation not just starter. afterall every QB on the roster is one snap from playing

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    Re: Do the vikings have the worst Q/B situation in the NFC North?

    Yes we have a great back up Qb but no starters!!

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    Re: Do the vikings have the worst Q/B situation in the NFC North?

    T-jack 4 Prez

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