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    Do the Vikes ever adjust?

    I find it very odd that the Vikings never seemed to adjust to the blitz at all yesterday, nor did they find it necessary to throw the ball to a WR until the 3rd quarter. There is no doubt that C-Pep looked a little, dare I say, deer in the headlights-esque yeasterday, but is there anyone with a headset on that watched the same game as us?

    I know that I'll here all the "glass house" theories after this, but if you are a Viking fan that watches all the games and truly loves the team, you have got to be getting sick of Tice and his minions! Why can't we adjust, the Vikes are a pro ball team, I understand the injuries and such, however it wasn't injuries that caused us to play so uninspired. If the Vikes get into any type of funk, they are basically done for that game, once a team gets the upper hand on the Vikes, they are hog-tied.

    Even after half-time yesterday, there were no adjustments, they kept C-Pep in the pocket, why in the hell don't they roll him out of the pocket? He got killed yesterday, he should have unloaded a lot earlier on occasion, where was the play calling coming from?

    I cannot pin-point with complete accuracy what happened on Sunday, however with our salary cap number, if things continue in this direction, we should have a lot of salary cap issues on the horizon!

    My take on the Moss thing: He is gone, and I will always remember and cherish his vertical leap and his horizontal stretch, but he is gone so let's move on. What I think Moss did the most was hide poor coaching, Moss made a poorly coached team respectable and now that he is gone, Tice cannot compete with the other coaches now that they do not have to come up with specific coverages to contain 84. We are an easy team to defend with Moss gone and C-Pep being stationary!

    The players are not buying into something here, there is too much talent on this team to be 1-3 at this point!

    Also if someone on here wants to let me in on any good plays or schemes the coaches implemented yesterday, I am all ears and eyes, I'll believe it when I read it!

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    Re: Do the Vikes ever adjust?

    No adjustment. We just sit there taking it.

    Where is the fire?

    Gonna be under Tice's ass very soon as he heads out the door.

    Or maybe should. How can a team look so flat? Yes we lost to teams that are doing well, but how about some fight in ya?

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    Re: Do the Vikes ever adjust?

    I seriously want to see Jimmy moved back into a full time FB position for pass blocking.

    Moe and Jimmy in the backfield for max protect.

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