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    Re:Do Out of State Fans Matter?

    Do out of State fans matter?

    El underdog.

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    Re:Do Out of State Fans Matter?

    Prophet wrote:
    Seems like a dumb question. There are plenty of out-of-state season ticket holders and out-of-staters drop a lot of money into the pool when they do show up. They need the hotels, restaurants, and usually buy merchandise, etc. They can't just pound down a nuclear burrito and run to the game at the last minute. They are there and dropping boatloads of money in the community.
    I moved to Chicago 3 years ago, but kept my season tickets. On top of money spent for hotels, restaurants, gas, etc. for every single game, I literally do almost all of of my shopping--not just food and clothes--while I'm up there (it helps that everything is a lot cheaper). I don't have time during the week, and I'm in Minnesota on game day weekends. On Saturdays I usually go to a museum or find a concert or some kind of entertainment to spend money on, which other out-of-staters are probably doing,too.

    People will travel to see new stadiums. I know people that still go up to Miller Park because its a great game day experience and have planned trips to Minnesota just to see Target Field.

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