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So reading into that we are effectively trying to fit square pegs in round holes and use a system that we don't have the OL to run? If so what is that implying about the coaching staff when they are trying to force a system when we don't have the players to run it - for whatever reason that might be.
If we are so set on running system A then shouldn't we be looking to then draft/acquire via FA the types of players that can slot into that system?
It is a major concern.
That is why the Vikings had the [size=12pt]#1 rusher in the league last year,[/size] and were [size=12pt]#5 in yds/att in rushing[/size] and were [size=12pt]#12 in pts/game[/size] last year.

What we have here, my friends, is a fan playing coach.
in this case its a fan trying to get a better understanding. I know we had a good running game
;D however I'm asking from the point of view with the passing game - how much does the zone blocking impact on the pass protection side of the game.
lol, i know what you were asking.
I was just trying to get marrdro worked up.

Looking at it from a pinheaded point of view it is easy to say that the passing game needs serious improvement.
Based on the FO's obvious lack of confidence in our QBs and their grabbing of Loadholt one can only presume that it is a little of both with more of the blame going to the QB.
You don't come out on top in the rushing game and in the top tier in the pts/scored game by having a poohie o-line.
The QB's inability to read defenses and pass effectitvely is the main culprit on the team.
gol 'darnit near every, if not every, NFL team uses a combination of both the zone and man blocking schemes.
Anyone that tells you differently is dreaming.
Picking apart whether it is the fault of the zone when the QB sucks jiggly butt is a tough thing to analyze.
The Vikings gave up [size=12pt]43 sacks[/size] compared to a league high 55 for the niners and a low of 12 for the Titans....sounds ominous, but, the 2008 SB Champion Steelers gave up 49 sacks, more that the Vikings.
I go with a poor ability to read the Ds by the QB rather than the blocking scheme argument.
I agree.
Holding the ball too long is the #1 reason for giving up sacks, IMHO.
How long is too long? How many times have we watched our QB's get sacked by players coming thru the line almost immediately with very little time at all? Too gol 'darnit many. How quickly people have forgotten Ryan "the revolving door" Cook.

Were the QB's solely to blame? Was the line not protecting the pass well enough? Were receivers getting separation or getting open?

Anything more than 3 seconds is too long, again, IMHO.
And I was speaking generally, not solely about the Vikings.

And the Ryan Cook issue has been addressed.

[img width=450 height=329]http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0904/nfl.draft.top10.ol.prospects/images/phil-loadholt.jpg[/img]



[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Addressed, but not necessarily resolved. That remains to be seen, as does the center position.[/size][/size][/size][/size][/quote]
You, my friend, are wise beyond thier years.

Lets see what those two for real instead of in shorts, shells and shoes.