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    why the hell are the vikes letting him hang .If he wants to play they should sign him NOW!!!!!!! So what if he's 36 he has been a rock LG and our O'line had big problems with depth last year and in my opinion cost us at least two games last year,if Pepp did'nt stand on his head it would have bin worse. I know a few guys are coming back and we got some young guys coming up but we should keep him for one more year .He can still play and who ever signs him will be a better team for it ,i'd like it to be us.Oh buy the way I have no idea what his price is if it's too much i am sorry for wasting your time.

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    I agree..Dixon even said he would come back to the Vikes for less money...And even be a back up...He has step up and said he WANTED TO BE A VIKING. It'll be a shame if he isnt.


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    we better keep him, he is really good i think

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    I think we are going to wait a little while longer to see what times are intrested. Then sign him up. He could be a good mentor for some of the young guys on the line.

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    yeah we need to keep him, we shouldnt shit on him like we're doing, even if hes a backup which last year proved we always need so be it
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