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    I realize we are 6-2 right now, but I really have lost almost all faith I had in this teams ability to win in the playoffs. We are lucky that we still play Chicago, San Diego, Detroit, Oakland, and Arizona. If we didn't play so many crappy teams, I am not real confindent we would even make it to the playoffs. I have seen our team do this too many times, and know what is coming. Reality has hit us for our D, they aren't very good. They were able to mask this fact in the first 4 or so weeks, by getting a few lucky int's, but there just isn't enough talent on this D. Denard Walker can't cover, and then to top that off, he can't tackle the guy when he gives up an easy completion. Our LB's, an area that I thought would be our D's strongest, is getting torched. They are slow, everyone in the NFL realizes this, and this is why we get killed on the outside runs. I hate to say this, because of what he has done for us, but I really think Biekert is pretty much done. He is way too slow, and I think we need to start playing EJ a little more, to get him ready for when Biekert is gone. We also need to start playing our speedy LB's more, like Nattiel, Nick Rogers, and maybe even Raonall Smith, if he were ever healthy. We need more speed at LB, or we will continue to get killed on outside runs. We could leave our slow ones in there and adjust the D for the outside plays, but that is when we get killed on inside runs, this is what happened against Green Bay. We lack a DE that can pressure the QB, and Hovan isn't getting it done this year. I realize he is getting doubled, but he was also getting doubled last year, when he did put up big #'s. I just don't see why he would be doubled more this year, when you compare last years D-line to this years, talent-wise. I do like Kevin Williams and think he is gonna be a great D-lineman for us, but I wish we would just leave the guy inside at DT. He is a rookie, and he is wasting time trying to learn 2 positions, instead of just learning the DT spot. This, I believe, will slow his learning time down. We will need to get at least 1 DE next year. I say draft a DE and get one in free agency. We will also need to draft a #1 CB, and could use another quick LB. This D is really starting to look like the 2000 D that couldn't stop the worst offense in the NFL, and this is why I am hitting the panic buttom, not because we have lost twice in a row. We still have a good record, but our D looks horrible.

    We did see the return of Bennett, and it was a very successful return. He really looked good out there. I didn't expect him to come out and make so many sharpe cuts, but he did and that showed that his foot really is OK. Watching our other slow RB's for 7 games, made Bennett look like he was running twice as fast as he used to. This is the one bright spot to take from this Green Bay game. We are gonna need every offensive weapon possible this year, with our D playing so badly. We are back to hoping we can outscore the other team again, I really hated that. I would like to see us change it up a little on D right now and use a 3-4 some more. Just an idea.

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