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    Disappointing Additions of 2008

    After the week 4 loss to the Tennesse Titans, the Minnesota Vikings have now a very disappointing 1-3 record. That brings out a whole lot of frustration in me.

    An easy way to deal with my frustration is to blame it on somebody. In this case, I feel that I'm very disappointed in a few of our offseason player additions in 2008. They have either not performed at the high level as their paycheck would assume, or they have just not lived up to the expectation thus far into the season.

    Here are the Vikings players that have been underachieving in my opinions (in order of most disappointing):

    1. WR
    B. Berrian
    - -
    I didn't expect him to be the next Randy Moss, hell I didn't even expect him to put up half the numbers Moss made last season. I just expected him to be a large update to our receiving core. So far, he has definitely not been that.
    In 4 games, he has made 11 receptions for 196 yards and zero touchdowns. When he came here, I thought he would be a solid deap threath. I thought he most likely would break a 100 yards in at least one game, but so far he has yet to surpasss a 80 yards receiving in one game. He has had a lot of drops too (the Bears fans obviously were right in their warnings) and I have far too often seen him trip over his own feet to either miss a catch for a long gain or a TD.

    2. FB
    T. Tapeh
    - -
    I know he is just a fullback and I don't blame him for our losses, but I really had expected more. Tahi beats him for the starting spot and I can't say I'm very impressed of Tahi. (Update: Tapeh got cut from the roster, move him up to number one)

    3. FS
    M. Williams
    - -
    You may ask that how can I be disappointed in him when he hasn't even played because of an injury? I knew from before that he was injury prone and missed a lot of games for the Bengals. So when he came here, I prayed to the Lord that he would stay healthy. Of course, he gets injured and a rookie needs to fill his spot. Not the way to help an already weak secondary with Darren Sharper clearly looking as he should have retired a season ago. So yes, I'm angry beacause he is injured... and yes I know it sounds stupid

    4. QB
    J. D. Booty
    - -
    He has not played in the regular season, but in the offseason he looked terrible. Many people said he was one, if not the most prepared QB coming out of college last year. That is clearly not the case. Minnesota is in a desperate need for a QB who can win games as Gus Frerotte and Tarvaris Jackson don't seem to be the answere.

    5. DE
    J. Allen
    - -
    I kinda feel that it's wrong to put him on the list, but I felt that I had too. I expected a lot of him considering his strong performance last year. Plus, the fact that he's on a much better D-line, the money we payed him, and the draft picks we had to give up to get him. As a NFL defensive end, his overall performance has been good so far. However, I expected it to be great.. not good. He has not been very consistent. He got shut down against both Green Bay and against the Titans.

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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    I'm not overly upset with Berrian but I do dislike the 3 drops in the last two games. Although he is getting the ball with the new QB and catching some first downs and making big plays. He needs to shore up the drops and stay consitent. This could be an issue as it was an issue in Chicago and I think everyone new that.

    Topeh is not even suting up but its not an issue with me because Tahi, aside from a bonehead fumble today has played well.

    Williams might be the biggest disapointement because of his past injury issue coupled with the early injury's here in Minnesota. The guy certainly can play football and be a major factor in correcting our secondary issues but not if he's injured.

    Jared Allen didn't do great today but he was playing against a very good offensive tackle in Roose who Tenesseee just loves. I wouldn't say he was nonexistant today but you hope for more. Against the Packers he did fine go back and watch the tape, he even relized it after watching it a second time. I think its only natural for him to get more pass rush at home when the crowd is on our side. We missed Ray Ray today.

    Booty looked terrible in the offseason because he was playing with Olineman on the bottom of the barell, in essence guys that didn't even make the team. I thought in the Dallas game he did a decent job and looked very accurate with a better surounding cast. Booty won't save us though as our issues run deeper than the QB.

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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    Williams, Booty, and Allen shouldn't be on the list.
    The first two haven't played, and the third is playing well IMHO.

    Berrian I am a little disappointed in.
    He doesn't create the separation that we need.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    The team was follish not to draft a QB higer in the draft.
    a Bhorm or Henne would be looking a bit better for us then booty....

    I am not disappointed by Allen. He is getting there.
    didn't expect him to get 20 sacks.
    He has 2 sacks in 4 games. Not bad. X4 and that gives him 8.

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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    I'm a little disappointed in B-Twice for the same reason as everyone else - Too many drops.
    But he at least looks like he's having an impact the past couple of games.

    I think Allen has been okay against some tough offensive tackles.
    I'd like to see the entire defensive line dominate the game the way they did against the Panthers in the second half, but it hasn't happened.

    Keep in mind that, with Berrian, Allen, and Williams, we signed these guys for six years each.
    That's at least 96 games.
    We're only through four of those games so far.
    When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job." - Jack Handey [Deep Thoughts]

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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    Berrian - Maybe wasn't the best fit for our "west coast offense" and has too many drops. I'm glad we got Berrian still but definitely overpaid for him.

    Tapeh - Don't really have an opinion yet.

    Williams - Of course the injury sucks but I'll be glad to see how he does when he's back

    JDB - Had low expectations for him and he'll probably live up to them

    Allen - Seems like he causes a lot of rushes and throw aways that are easy to forget about. I hope he gets double digit sacks.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    My disappointment was in a lack of subtraction. Namely the coaching staff. That would be one subtraction that would be a positive addition.

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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    It is far, far too early to judge.
    We are at the observation stage for the moment.
    So, here are mine:

    Tapeh - I have no idea WTF is going on with him.
    Didn't know what to expect...he's a fullback.
    Put your head down and block for one of the best RBs in the NFL.
    Oh, ITUS about Tahi (fumble today aside

    Barrian - not giving up.
    He has heart and speed.
    He's dropping too many passes, but, I think he'll come around...I really do.

    Jared Allen - he's brought passion and a non-stop motor.
    The sacks aren't there yet, but, the hurries are.
    Get off his back.

    Madieu - get on the field, we need you.

    JDBooty - had no expectations...none.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    Madieu- Career injury prone so I figured it would be like that.. Just get healthy damn it

    Allen- NOT playing like the highest payed D player should be..

    Tapeh- Seriously why is he here if we aren't gonna use him? I like him but play him if you wanna keep him

    Hicks- Good kick return ability and good third down back.. Glad he is back in

    Berrian- Drops didn't bother me that much except the easy touchdown.. Still played good besides that

    Tyrell Johnson- Decent.. Doing what I expected

    JDB- Hopefully he isn't the future

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    Re: Disappointing Additions of 2008

    No judgment yet.
    Too early, and hasn't played a single game yet

    Doing well.
    He's getting pressure, and lots of attention, not many sacks, but sacks are overrated IMO.
    Its all about pressuring the qb into making a quick decision.

    Tapeh: No judgement yet, hardly plays

    Hicks: Alright return ability, and thats about it.

    A disappointment so far, pleanty of time to adjust and turn it around

    About what I expected as a rookie, we could be worse i suppose

    God awful, but no regular season experience (thank god)
    A project for sure.

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