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    Is directv the only thing that get's the NFL package?I live in Illinois and i really want to watch the Vikes this year.Is there any other ways i can get the Viking games here?.............How much does directv and the NFL PACKAGE cost

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    Re: DirecTV

    DirecTV is the sole provider of the NFL Sunday Ticket.
    It costs about 220 a season if I remember correctly.
    I have it, and it is money well spent.
    It sure beats "watching" the games online on the game tracker deal.
    Go Vikings!

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    Re: DirecTV

    DirectTV is the only company that offers the NFL package.
    Dish does not have any type of NFL programming.
    The rates depend on what type of programming you want.
    A standard programming package with DVR is usually about $50 - $60 per month, and the NFL Sunday ticket is $250.
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    Re: DirecTV


    If you have HDTV, spring for the extra cost and get the Superfan package. I have had the Sunday ticket for as long as they have offered it and when we put in the home theater with a projector last year, I also got the superfan package.The difference in the level of detail is amazing between the standard and the HD broadcast.

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    Re: DirecTV

    i can get sunday ticket through my digital cable (Shaw -- yep, its canadian)
    i guess they must be somehow connected with directv

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