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    Direct snap to RB ??

    After the Dolphins began putting Ronnie Brown in the shotgun, and now the Raiders say they will put McFadden in at times as "QB" to take direct snaps, I am just wondering, will we do this this year ? AP at QB ?

    Just wondering. I think it would be cool as hell.

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    Re: Direct snap to RB ??


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    Re: Direct snap to RB ??

    its sickening to know that the wildcat has not been figured out by opposing defenses yet our chilly is to stubborn to take a page out of somebody else's playbook and utilize the best running back tandem in the league in this manner!
    A wise man once said," Defense Wins Championships!"

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    Re: Direct snap to RB ??

    I hope we don't get that desperate.

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    Re: Direct snap to RB ??

    Given how sucessful it has been for the Dolphins, can we really call it desperation?
    I think you'd be dumb to at least try it.
    It's not like we have to worry about taking anything away from our explosive offense.

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    Re: Direct snap to RB ??

    I know you always like to start your own thread, but this has a topic already.

    It's sometimes better to add to a thread rather than almost always starting a new one.

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