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    The difference between O'Leary and I that he is a compulsive liar. I am very anal when it comes to hiring, and ALWAYS check references etc on resume's. To be honest, when I interviewed O'Leary, I was paying more attention to the fact I could hire this moron for a song than I was about checking whether or not he has a master's degree in education and had played college football for three years, so that is partly my mistake but mostly Tice's cause he's my female dog for everything. O'Leary.Ha! You know what Tice and I call him? O'Really.
    Why would he want to work for UCF? He probably already has it on his resume. I mean I just don't get it. Maybe it's a Northern thang.
    Anyways, I need to clarify what I said on the TV:

    "If you're married to a girl and have another one stashed, I think you'd be thinking a lot about that other one... . Not that I've ever done that.'
    This wasn't about O'Leary at all. It was about sex. Sex with Viagra, to be exact.

    They claim hindsight is 20/20, but mine is more like 80/20. What I meant was that it's fine to have a stash of girls, but NOT fine to think about them all the time. Don't leave much time for Football do it? Since my initial discovery of Viagra, my wife (now 'companion') Charline said it's about time for me to get it out into the great wide open, so here it is:
    I do have a stash of women. I know it, my Charline knows it, and the IRS knows it. They send me a surveillance photo of what they believe is my women-stash with the request to kindly pay proper salaries, back-taxes, and benefits. Damn. Damnit all to haell.
    Well, here's the photo. You can clearly see the ventilation systems in these highly technical bordello's, and that I'm taking good care of my b**ches.

    Anyway, if I don't get a handle on things around here, I'll be losing coaches so fast my head will spin. God-damned-all-to-hell that dang O'Leary stands to make more money at UCF next year than Tice does with the Vikings. Guess the pay ceiling is set, boys.

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    Re: The difference between O'Leary and I

    I was thread dredging and found this amusing.
    Kind of like a crazy Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas rant.

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    Re: The difference between O'Leary and I

    lmao, that was great.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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