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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpin9995 View Post
    Who says he's intelligent? Point is he's an insignificant punter that has had a crap year who thinks he's some sort of moral compass for all of us. What would he care about bounty gate. He punts the ball and makes zero tackles a year. I would veture not as many people care what this dude thinks or feels the need to say. In other words.. HE'S INSIGNIFCANT.

    It has zero to do with the thread. What's your point?
    I read in a profile of him by the Star Tribune a few years ago that he got a 1490 on his SATs, perfect on the verbal. He's fuckin' smart.

    And if it has nothing to do with the thread, don't say it here. Don't derail a topic someone else started, it's common courtesy.

    It's no different than if I were to stop and ask you for directions on the street and you replied by enthusiastically telling me about the last book you read.
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