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    Re: Dickerson doesn't want his record broken

    "singersp" wrote:
    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "hx38596" wrote:
    "IketheVike62" wrote:
    How many 200+ yard games is AD going to have?
    I think there are a handful of players who had 4 in a career.
    Earl Campell had 4 in one year but never again.
    I think Simpson and Sanders had 4.
    AD has had 2 in his first 8 games.
    Purple Holy Bones!!!!
    He may set a whole new category----most 300+ yard
    So, you could say one out of every 4 games, he rushes for over 200 yards?

    oh, and san diego was 7th before the vikes played them, now they are ranked 22nd.
    Same for Bears...
    they were ranked higher.
    You are taking current position, not position at the time the Vikes played them.
    You need to recalculate the average.

    Who we've already played:
    Atlanta: 23rd in rush defense
    Detroit: 12th in rush defense
    Kansas City: 14th
    Green Bay: 8th
    Chicago: 26th
    Dallas: 5th
    Philadelphia: 7th
    San Diego: 22nd
    An average of 14th overall in rush defense.
    Better to take the average as a whole over the eight games, gives a better sample size.
    Putting the yards he gained against each of those teams will put it into better perspective.

    One would have to look at how they ranked going into that game & not after, since allowing AD to run up a ton of yards against them is going to make their run defense rating drop afterwards.
    Very true...the Chargers had a good run D going into the game.
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    Re: Dickerson doesn't want his record broken

    Yes and Peterson also shredded the Bears running D.

    Its about time our O-line sets up some blocks.
    They get paid like the Yankees.

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    Re: Dickerson doesn't want his record broken

    [size=13pt]Can Adrian Peterson catch Eric Dickerson?[/size]

    The former Rams star foresees Adrian Peterson breaking his rookie rushing mark of 1,808 yards, but not his single-season record.

    Pioneer Press

    Article Last Updated: 11/11/2007 12:34:43 AM CST

    Q. So what do you think? Are both your records in jeopardy?...

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Dickerson doesn't want his record broken

    Eric's just being a Dick...erson.
    Go AD!

    Skol Vikings!

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