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Thread: Depth at QB

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    Re: Depth at QB

    I'm all for getting kitna if CPep is gonna miss time nest year...

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    Re: Depth at QB

    "jackyl" wrote:
    I'd like to see Josh Harris, good arm, scrambler type QB.... but I've got different motives than the rest of you. :lol:
    he sounds like a shorter version of Duante, very similar in their "instincts" and ability

    Positives: Has a thick upper body and calf structure with thick thighs … Has a consistent and high release, showing the ability to deliver over the top … Possesses good arm strength, knowing when to speed up his tosses and can easily flick it for 45-50-yard distances … Shows average judgement when throwing over the middle on his intermediate and long tosses … Shows adequate touch on his short throws and very good movement rolling out of the pocket (has the instincts and avoidance skills to move the chains with his feet) … Studies the game and has good football instincts … Shows a quick snap in his release and does a nice job of feathering the ball over the shoulders of his receivers in the long passing game … Has the leg drive to power through arm tackles and enough hip snap to cut back against the grain and squeeze through the rush lanes when pressured.
    Negatives: Naturally strong, but his body lacks muscle definition (soft upper torso) … Best when playing below 230 pounds … Has been slow to accept the role as team leader, but has gotten better … Questions remain about his pass set, as he operated mostly from shotgun formation … Will generally show good judgement, but locks on to his primary target too long and will force the ball into traffic rather that throw it away … Tries to make too many plays that are not there … Needs to learn how to vary his speed on his throws (has made improvements on his deep balls, but still needs to take a little velocity off his short tosses, as they will bounce off the receiver's chest) … While he has the arm strength, he must keep the ball in play and put more air under his deep throws (when on target, he can get the ball over the shoulders of the receiver, but when he throws on the move, he loses velocity and his target has to come back and work to the ball) … Inconsistent scrambler, as he usually stays with his primary target and then runs when his man can not get open rather than dump the ball off or throw it away … Still working on reading defenses better and adjusting to coverage changes … Has had ball security issues (fumbles, as he keeps the ball exposed when rolling out of the pocket).

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    Re: Depth at QB

    "umaguma1979" wrote:
    Shaun King is probably the best option available. Keep in mind we are past the trade deadline and this is not an option. There really are not too many good options out there right now. Is Bowencamp on the practice squad?
    No trust me you don't want Shaun King. I was a HUGE S.King fan then he went to the AZ Cards and sucked bad.

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    Re: Depth at QB

    How about we get slash and switch to the wishbone.
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Re: Depth at QB

    all i gotta' say is that we can't give up on DC. It's not entirely his fault with how this year has turned out so far. I think we oughta' just suck it up with BJ and work on our o-line and defense. Primarily on the coaching side of the table. Look at it this way...there's some good prospects in the upcoming draft. Gonna' be some new faces around next year, that's for sure!
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