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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Depressing video

    I hope he doesn't score 4 TD's on us :grin:
    But we all know he could if he wanted/had the chance. :grin:

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    Re: Depressing video

    I hope that Al Bundy doesn't come out of retirement and score 4 touchdowns on us, either!!!

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    Re: Depressing video

    Hey all, I just watched that video for the first time and I have to admit it sure does make you see what we are going to miss. randy is and will always be awesome. Hopefully with the additions we made it will make it hurt less. The one good thing to remember is Pep seemed more comfortable in those games once he realized he had other receivers to catch the ball. We averaged almost 30 ppg during those games. Think about this, we may not need as many points to win games. If we can become at least a top 15 defense that means the average will be about 17-19 ppg, all we have to do is score 20 to win. I think even without Moss we can do that. That's the only way I can make this seem positive. I will miss watching him every week. I wish nothing but the best for Moss I just hope he doesn't burn us too bad when we play him.

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    Re: Depressing video

    "Caine" wrote:
    In my opinion, the reason this topic keeps popping up is that many people feel there was absolutely NO REASON for the trade to occur. I happen to be one of them.

    I agree with those who say that the Vikes could have added the Defensive firepower without the trade. I agree that the Media made a mountain out of a molehill on virtually EVERYTHING with Moss associated with it. I agree that Daunte was/is the team leader but failed to step up and LEAD. And, I agree that Red *I stroke sheep wangs* McCombs is the one to blame for the entire thing.

    I disagree that Moss was a cancer, or even remotely acts like Terrible Owens. I disagree that Moss "split the locker room". I disagree that we're better off without him. And, most importantly, I disagree that feeling that way - and saying so - makes any of us less of a Vikings fan.

    For those saying we - those against the Moss trade - need to "get over it" or "Cheer for the Raiders", I respond with the time honored, "Bite me". After 39 years of being a Viking fan - exclusively - I think I'm allowed to disagree with moves they make...much like many of those telling the pro-Moss faction to "move on" are allowed to bash Tice.

    It strikes me as a bit hypocritical when people allow dissention...but only on THEIR terms.

    The Moss trade was a bad one...period. The addition of the FA firepower will offset the effects - maybe even win us a Superbowl - but there was no REASON for the trade. The fact is, that if the trade were to stand ON IT'S OWN, it wouldn't be viewed in a positive light.

    Need proof? many TD's will HE have this year? Randy scored 17 his rookie year...with CC in the lineup. Williamson won't have a proven All-Pro to draw coverage. Randy caught 69 passes for 1313 yds...will Williamson?

    Harris. By himself, would HE have revitalized the "D"? No. It is the addition of Williams, Cowart, Smoot, and Sharper - and the drafting of Erasmus james - that will make the biggest impact. An impact that might have been the same with Moss still in purple. In short, the greedy goat-screwer finally forked out some cover the 2nd crappiest trade in Viking history.

    But, we could have had all of that, PLUS RANDY. We could have had a Defense, plus the most dynamic Offense in the NFL. Can we DO anything about that now? Nope. Doesn't mean we have to like it.

    Maybe Travis Taylor will be huge. maybe Williamson won't need 1-2 years to get into the flow of the NFL (Owens needed 2, Walker needed 2, even Rice needed 1). fact is, we could've had Taylor without trading Moss.

    Maybe the Defense will be in the top 5-10 this season, allowing us to win with less than 40 points on the board. fact is, with what we added we could possible get there without Harris.

    So, was the trade - on its OWN merits - a good one? Nope. Sure wasn't. Am I not a Vikings fan for saying so? Nope. Still dedicated. Will I miss Randy? Yep. Sure will.

    That is offically my favorite post on here in a long time. Right on, Caine!

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    Re: Depressing video

    Del, I wasn't going after you specifically in my post...although I knew I'd get your response :wink:

    My primary target was/is all of those who either;

    1: Tell anyone who writes anything positive about Moss that they should be the fan of another team.

    2: Bash Moss without any factual basis (per my previous post you referenced).

    As for being sick of hearing about it...pre-season hasn't even gotten rolling yet. What else should we yap about? This may be "Old News", but there really isn't a whole lot of "New News" to write about so...

    I'd like to think I'm a realist. Once training camp begins in earnest I will be focused exclusively on what we have (with an eye on the Packers so I can gloat), not on Moss or Oakland.

    But, like the Walker trade, this one will lurk in the shadows. Don't be suprised to see it pop up again if Williamson or Harris struggles...that's the nature of the beast. Of course, I hope they DON'T struggle. I hope they both tear it up all year long. I WANT to be proven wrong.

    But, until I am...


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Depressing video

    Well that wasn't as painful as I expected. After I re-read my post I expected a Precision style ass whooping coming my way.

    I had my headgear all strapped on and rolled myself up in bubble wrap in preperation for battle.

    Your right there is nothing at this time that is better to talk about really.

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    Re: Depressing video

    "adam31" wrote:
    First of all, I have moved on & I am still a Vikings fan.
    BUT: IMO, I wish & wonder why didn't Red give it a shot with Randy here with a decent defense around him.
    That's what makes me wonder, it would of been nice to see how the Vikings would of performed with a top 15 defense for 2 years with Randy here.

    That might be the frustration with Vikings fans about the trade...

    Yeah, what's up with this:

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    Re: Depressing video

    That made every hair on my body stand up. How could I email that to someone?
    sig -->

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    Re: Depressing video




    Go vikes!!

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    Pbvikingsfan Guest

    Re: Depressing video

    god, im sooo gonna miss him!!

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