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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Depressing video

    "Randy was the heart and soul of the Vikings"

    So that is why we have been under achieving the last few years. Honestly if his heart was the one pumping blood through this team, that explains a lot.

    I never really cared when he walked off the field early because I know he has always been about himself, he could give a shit about the team. What has to piss you off is his jogging routes, taking plays off, and his pinkston disease.

    His comments about playing for the Vikings and him never winning a superbowl. It's a damn good thing he is gone if he was the heart and sould of this team.

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    Re: Depressing video

    He's gone - enough is enough, get over it!
    PPO Ambassador, Defender of the Purple Faith and Guardian of the Gates of Valhalla

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    Re: Depressing video

    He was a cancer on the team, he had split the locker room! Some of you people are looking at the past with rose colored glasses!

    He will be good in Oakland this year, and then he will start doing the same old things next year. Look at TO, 1 year and now he is up to the same sh*t that he was doing in San Fran.

    It was a good move to get rid of him. The Vikes could only get a player and 2 picks for the best WR (talent wise), tells you the rest of the league has doubts about him.

    ps. he is gone, get over it or become Raider fans and cheer for them!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Depressing video

    As far as winning the Super Bowl without Randy being bitter sweet, if that is how you feel then you are probably a Moss fan not a Viking fan. Sorry but I could argue that I was as big a Moss fan as there is, but really sitting around talking about it for so long is getting a bit tiring! Guys, he is gone and I bet we will have a team next year that will make everyones pain lessen! Lets move on to the next era of Vikings ball, we are probably sitting on young star right now i.e. Burleson, Smoot, E. James, Williamson, C4, and MM etc. And do not forget that yes Daunte is the leader of this team. 2005 Vikes, lets go, 2004 Vikes = season over with/ era over with.

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    Re: Depressing video

    In my opinion, the reason this topic keeps popping up is that many people feel there was absolutely NO REASON for the trade to occur. I happen to be one of them.

    I agree with those who say that the Vikes could have added the Defensive firepower without the trade. I agree that the Media made a mountain out of a molehill on virtually EVERYTHING with Moss associated with it. I agree that Daunte was/is the team leader but failed to step up and LEAD. And, I agree that Red *I stroke sheep wangs* McCombs is the one to blame for the entire thing.

    I disagree that Moss was a cancer, or even remotely acts like Terrible Owens. I disagree that Moss "split the locker room". I disagree that we're better off without him. And, most importantly, I disagree that feeling that way - and saying so - makes any of us less of a Vikings fan.

    For those saying we - those against the Moss trade - need to "get over it" or "Cheer for the Raiders", I respond with the time honored, "Bite me". After 39 years of being a Viking fan - exclusively - I think I'm allowed to disagree with moves they make...much like many of those telling the pro-Moss faction to "move on" are allowed to bash Tice.

    It strikes me as a bit hypocritical when people allow dissention...but only on THEIR terms.

    The Moss trade was a bad one...period. The addition of the FA firepower will offset the effects - maybe even win us a Superbowl - but there was no REASON for the trade. The fact is, that if the trade were to stand ON IT'S OWN, it wouldn't be viewed in a positive light.

    Need proof? many TD's will HE have this year? Randy scored 17 his rookie year...with CC in the lineup. Williamson won't have a proven All-Pro to draw coverage. Randy caught 69 passes for 1313 yds...will Williamson?

    Harris. By himself, would HE have revitalized the "D"? No. It is the addition of Williams, Cowart, Smoot, and Sharper - and the drafting of Erasmus james - that will make the biggest impact. An impact that might have been the same with Moss still in purple. In short, the greedy goat-screwer finally forked out some cover the 2nd crappiest trade in Viking history.

    But, we could have had all of that, PLUS RANDY. We could have had a Defense, plus the most dynamic Offense in the NFL. Can we DO anything about that now? Nope. Doesn't mean we have to like it.

    Maybe Travis Taylor will be huge. maybe Williamson won't need 1-2 years to get into the flow of the NFL (Owens needed 2, Walker needed 2, even Rice needed 1). fact is, we could've had Taylor without trading Moss.

    Maybe the Defense will be in the top 5-10 this season, allowing us to win with less than 40 points on the board. fact is, with what we added we could possible get there without Harris.

    So, was the trade - on its OWN merits - a good one? Nope. Sure wasn't. Am I not a Vikings fan for saying so? Nope. Still dedicated. Will I miss Randy? Yep. Sure will.


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Depressing video

    Fast to judge the Moss trade as bad when you haven't seen the result yet. In fact it is quite premature. And your love for the fro has somewhat blinded your ability to be reasonable.

    Frankly you have no idea how Williamson will play you have no idea how Napoleon will play, what impact he has on this team. And you have no idea exactly what life without Moss will do to our offense. And I have no idea either.

    But what I do have an idea on is that every 2 posts on here are about the Moss trade. And are about how GREAT he was and how he saved kittens from burning buildings, and how he freed slaves and ran them through tunnels under ground.

    And it is damn old. SO if people who love the guy, and simply can not get past reality that he is gone and want to reminise I suggest a special thread or maybe even a forum for thinking about the past and bitching about things that we really have no idea the outcome, related to Moss.

    Then everyone that has a levi woody over the guy can go in there tickle each other and pass the tissues and everyone who see's this as a good move, like I do will stop invading these threads. Especially when there are some serious off the wall comments that go way beyond being a mere fan and flirt with the realm of obsessed.

    Moss is gone I respect the opinons of others that

    A)He was not a menace - I read your post about this along time ago Caine, I thought it was convincing. I didn't subscribe to it, but it was not out of the question.

    B)It was a bad trade- Although you have no idea, but it is ok because I have no idea it is a good trade so we are in the same boat respectively.

    But what I personally can't stand are the few that feel the need to bring it up every 2 seconds.

    Hell Caine I love pork rinds. Do I post about it every second? If I did would it get old?

    Also those that try in some way to discredit Williamson. It is extreemly ignorant. So they are burnt because their lover is gone. The next guy in line had nothing to do with that. Williamson has been over analyzed and it is unfair.

    Really I could care less if you like moss or not, and in saying you I mean all of the Moss fans. I could care less if you think the trade was bad, if you think Williamson is a joke, or if you try to squeeze in a Moss reference every post. It is your opinion, there is no right or wrong. But it's not new, it's not refreshing, and if you feel the need to express your sorrow ask for a sticky thread in honor of Moss. Stop watering down all the good talk like who would win in a fight between John Wayne and Eastwood, with this boo hoo sob story over a guy who no longer plays for our team.

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    Re: Depressing video

    First of all, I have moved on & I am still a Vikings fan.
    BUT: IMO, I wish & wonder why didn't Red give it a shot with Randy here with a decent defense around him.
    That's what makes me wonder, it would of been nice to see how the Vikings would of performed with a top 15 defense for 2 years with Randy here.

    That might be the frustration with Vikings fans about the trade...


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Depressing video

    Your a vikings fan with a Patriots emblem? jk

    Anyway, for the record I have never questioned anyones motives or who they root for. I have suggested however if you support a player more then a team (I know people who do) you should follow your boy.

    In fact come to think of it I do not recall anyone saying any Moss fan is not a Viking fan.

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    Re: Depressing video

    I don't understand the point of talking about it every two seconds. We should be grateful for the things he did, but he's no longer a Vike. If someday he returns to the Vikings, then he'll be met with open arms. But for now, give it up.

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    Re: Depressing video

    am i the only one who hopes he comes back and scores 4 touchdowns on us. think we'll be his new dallas cowboys

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