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Thread: Denard Walker

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    Denard Walker

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Denard Walker

    Nick Padula

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    Denard Walker

    Its time to see if the Vikes are going to offer Denard Walker a suitable contract offer or are we going to lose out on another good free agent CB because the owner Red McCombs is playing cheap because he is going to sell the team next year. There was and still is a couple good free agents left that could help our defensive problems but with the offers the Vikes would give them it dosent look like they would want to sign with us. Another point is signing a backup QB. Why are we looking for a backup when we have Bouman for this year. O'Donnell would have been fine but the other guys they are now looking at now is Ferrotte and Shane Matthews to tutor Duante Culpepper. PLease they cant even tutor themselves. It just seems like a waste of MONEY to me that could be used on the defense side of the ball....

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