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Thread: Denard Walker

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    Denard Walker

    Vikings Announce Roster Move
    Tuesday, March 30, 2004

    The Minnesota Vikings announce the following roster move:

    Denard Walker CB 8th Year Louisiana State

    Isn't this old news??? or was it just speculation before?

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    Denard Walker

    According to Viking Update:

    "VU has been told that the meetings are being used this year to allow Denard Walker to get his release from the Vikes. Walker, who has been disgruntled since the signing of Antoine Winfield and his apparent demotion to dime back in the Vikings' cornerback rotation, re-worked his contract over the weekend to eliminate approximately $2 million in guaranteed money in 2005. The league approved of the restructure Monday and he is expected to be released as early as today."

    Walker's been burned more than my girlfriend's home cookin' . . . glad I won't have to see him on the field in purple anymore. I wish we could have at least received a draft pick for him, though. What a bust!

    "Veni, Vidi, Vikings!"--Julius Caesar

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    Denard Walker

    Walker Sucks bad signing from day 1....See ya later walker you big baby

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