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Thread: Delete me

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    Re: Delete me

    Not another "Look at Me" posters...

    The offseason is a hell of a time to look for actual hardcore football talk, so many take the time to throw fillers and "off the cuff" analogies around because the team news is quiet.

    Some become frustrated because "your" team isn't winning the offseason headline award for "Most Cash Wasted" in free agent deals. So they have a bitter pill to swallow and lash out in those frustrations.

    But why in the hell someone allows another to wedge themselves under their own skin enough to belittle another is beyond me. Speaks of one of two things, intellectual/esteem shortcoming or the inability to control your freaking emotions.

    Alas that is the sad reality of internet forums.. you have some sour apples in the basket.

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    Re: Delete me

    how come when some people voice what they think may happen or try to be a little silly to have fun.

    some idiot decides to freak out about it?

    That is the sign of what red foreman calls a "dumbass" and we should not have any of their kind on our site. this site is way to great to have them losers

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    Re: Delete me

    "JahViking" wrote:
    Can someone please delete my profile from this joke of a site.

    This is the easily one of the worst 'fan' sites I have ever come across.

    Please delete my profile.

    It's not everyone. Just give yourself time to get to know the people that clearly don't even follow football.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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