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Thread: Deion Sanders

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    Deion Sanders

    "UTVikfan" wrote:
    CVG, how funny, I get a KICK outta Bradshaw, I think he is fun. He even did his theatrics on the field, he would be flopping around like a fish, only half clubbed one play, then be right back in form the next one. Deion, could annoy me in ways I never dreamt of. Aside from turf toe, he was great on the field, well, unless someone had to be tackled. But WHY, tell me, why, did they ever give him a mike..sheesh. I no longer will have to CRINGE while I am stuck watching their pregame show.
    LOL...Well, I respect your opinion but I'd still rather have "Prime Time" on the mic.

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    Deion Sanders

    I am glad Deion is gone. When I watched him, he never said anything that was remotely insightful. And maybe some people (including him) thought his dress was stylish, but I thought it was absolutely horrible. Whoever said "pimp" pretty much summed it up.

    In his defense, he had decent diction, at least. That is more than I could say for Eric Dickerson and OJ Simpson.

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