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    Defining Moments... our turnaround.

    There was a play last week against Detroit, I believe it was 3rd and about 4, Johnson made a shovel pass to Bennett, he turned around and ran right into the lineman, a couple yards behind the line. Rather than falling down, Bennett bounced outside and somehow managed about a 6 yard gain.

    This week against the Rams, Johnson was hit as he threw the ball, and the ball just floated in the air, Koren Robinson pulled in the catch and we got another first down.

    In the first few weeks of the season, these plays would have been disastrous, the play against the Rams would have been an INT, and Bennett would have lost another 3 yards trying to dance out of the backfield on the other play.

    You can credit several reasons for the turnaround. Our play-calling seems better, our players are more confident and more calm. The defense is creating turnovers like crazy, we're shutting down the run. Our defensive effort against Gado impresses me more each week, as he dominates everyone else. But one huge thing I've noticed is that the ball just seems to be bouncing our way. Perhaps, we're in better position for the ball to bounce our way, but either way it's happening, and it's fun to watch. A couple times early in the year, it looked like defenses had 12 or 13 guys on the field against us, and at times it still looks like that, but not nearly as often. Also, early in the season, it seemed like we were always a defender short, not anymore. Every tackle, you see 5 or 6 Vikings swarming to the ball. On offense, plays that seem broken are turning into first downs.

    The Steelers are going to be a huge test for us next week. The biggest matchup I'm looking forward to is Fat Pat vs. The Bus. Two guys that look like they'd be more likely to enter a hot-wing eating contests, that have actually been 2 of the biggest reasons their respective teams are in the positions they are right now.

    Luckily, we have home-field for this one, and I could be wrong, but I believe Pittsburgh and Cowher have a poor track record indoors. I know they lost at Indianapolis (of course so did everyone else). Either way, I just have a good feeling about this one. I think the Vikings are going to pull it out, 20-17.

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    Re: Defining Moments...

    Phat Pat vs. The Bus...I am looking forward to that one as well...Bettis is a good guy but PWill is gonna have to flatten his tires this is gonna be like Jerome will be slamming into a brick Urlacher or Mike Green to run over this week...just Pat stopping him in his tracks!!!

    Yeah, baby!!!

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    Re: Defining Moments...

    The announcers gave some credit to our defensive turnaround to Ted Cotrell. I don't know about him... I know Loney needs to go or become line coach again but Cotrell seems to be getting at least a little bit better.. Maybe it's all Tice? who knows..

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    Re: Defining Moments...

    the matchup i want to see besides fat pat and the bus would be winfield vs hines and bj/all our recivers vs Polamalu. troy is a beast and i hope we are able to handle him. we must always know where he is on the field.
    We're bringing purple back.

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