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    Defensive Aggression

    I'm sure that this article comes as a bit of relief for a bunch of us. I've read a number of posts this week that cry out for a bit more aggression when it comes to getting to the QB. It sounds like Tice wants Cottrell to blitz more, and to play some tighter coverage. This seems like great news to me.

    "VU" wrote:
    [size=18px]Defensive Aggression To Increase[/size]

    [size=9px] Staff -
    October 14, 2004 at 9:01am ET[/size]

    After reviewing the film earlier this week, head coach Mike Tice has decided that his defense wasn't as aggressive as he thought it would be heading into the season. That could change.

    Vikings defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell was asked Monday if he had any thoughts on the NFC North race. He had none, for good reason.

    "To be honest, I've been too busy with this team," Cottrell said with a laugh. "I've got my own things to work on."

    The Vikings' pass defense ranks last in the NFL (293.8 ) after giving up 288 yards passing after halftime in last week's near total collapse in Houston. The Vikings led 21-0 in the third quarter when the Texans abandoned the run, lined up with four wideouts and torched the Vikings' nickel defense.

    Andre Johnson caught 12 passes for 170 yards and two touchdowns. David Carr completed 27 of 43 passes for 372 yards, three touchdowns and a 113.7 passer rating.

    Head coach Mike Tice looked at his defense closely Monday and Tuesday and determined Cottrell's approach wasn't as aggressive as he thought it was during training camp.

    "I think we have to learn as we progress to have a little bit more of a killer instinct," Tice said of the defense. Although we got after (Carr) pretty good with our front four, I think we also have to be a little more aggressive in some of the things we call and get after them a little bit more. At the same time, we have to go out there and challenge receivers throughout the course of the game and be closer in coverage."

    Up front, the Vikings rarely brought a fifth pass rusher. The front four produced four sacks, but most of the pass plays resulted in Houston's five offensive linemen stuffing the Vikings' four pass rushers.

    The Vikings need to send a linebacker or an occasional cornerback off the end to juice up the pass rush.

    The Vikings also need to play tighter pass coverage and consider shadowing the opponent's top receiver with Antoine Winfield , the cornerback they paid $35 million for in free agency.

    Like a lot of teams, the Vikings don't believe in shadowing the top receiver with one player. Sunday, Johnson got too many of his catches and both touchdowns against nickel corner Terrence Shaw, who wasn't even with the team at the start of the season.

    Shaw isn't a bad player, but he's not as good as Winfield or Brian Williams . He had good coverage on one of Johnson's touchdowns, but he gave up the other after Johnson lulled him into thinking the play was over.

    The Vikings got away with poor pass defense this time. But they can't count on the offense bailing them out every time they get in trouble.

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    Defensive Aggression

    Hmmm... this is what I recommended after week 1

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    Defensive Aggression

    I guess we'll see if it works.

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    Defensive Aggression

    I heard the first 10 minutes of Tice's show on Kfan last night and he addressed the problem of playing off the receivers so far, and playing such a soft zone.

    He said that he had meet with the coaches about playing a much tighter D.

    Then I had to go into a meeting so I didn't hear the rest.

    Hopefully we will start taking a few chances on D and make teams pay for yardage instead of just surrendering it!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Defensive Aggression

    They just need to make better adjustments during the game...SH*T, if a receiver (like, oh, Andre Johnson,for instance) is schooling your secondary, the DC needs to put someone on him (not necessarily Winfield, but someone who matches up with him - I recommend BWill as the height advantage of Johnson is negated). To just sit there and stubbornly refuse to change something that is not working is stupid and counterproductive.

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    Defensive Aggression

    Its about damn time he "reviewed the tapes" and "made some changes." I have been saying we need to be aggressive since week 1, I think he should have noticed this earlier, it was pretty blatent...

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    Defensive Aggression

    WELL, he said he's put more pressure and be more aggressive last week against the texans and they didn't do it!

    SO, i'll just use the "Wait and See Approach" for this one!

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    Defensive Aggression

    Its tough to be agressive when you have SO many injuries and young players who are making mistakes.
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    Defensive Aggression

    That's very true Big Daddy. But Antoine Winfield is a veteran with solid coverage skills, excellent tackling skills, and a very big contract. I don't always agree with sticking one defender on one receiver either, but we were consistently getting beat by Johnson, and I believe Winfield could have prevented some of those plays. One of the reasons we brought Winfield here was because QBs just don't like throwing in his direction. Well Andre Johnson is Carr's favorite weapon so why not use Winfield to take him out as much as possible?
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    Defensive Aggression

    Winfield: $35 million?!

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