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    Re: Defenses will 'stack the box' against us all year

    This is a post I made from June 11.

    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    I have an oversimplistic concept of the upcoming season.

    The defenses will put 8 in the box in an attempt to stop our running game and make our qb beat them with his arm.

    The offenses will spread the Vikings defense out and pass,pass,pass.

    That is how it will start.

    I think the passing game will improve quite a lot if the O-line can block,period.
    The short ball control passing game will be good for a qb with little experience. But I think the long pass will open up also this year if the line can block.
    If the passing game comes around,the running game will be incredible!

    The defense will improve with a better pass rush.I just hope they don't have to gamble too much to get one.

    This will be the year we see if it is play calling or execution IMO !
    This is an old tired subject. But 8 in the box will help the passing game as soon as TJ learns to read where the pressure is going to come from.
    My only criticism of him Friday was his inability to make them pay for their blitz. He almost did. And it will come. Let them stack the box.
    What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. Its the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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    Re: Defenses will 'stack the box' against us all year

    I know, I know.
    The passing game was terrible last year.
    But come on, from what we've seen in pre-season alone, there is definite reason to be at least a little optimistic that our pass game will be much improved.

    Bobby Wade was looked terrific so far.
    He had one drop, but has since rebounded and been terrific off the line with very good agility and quickness.
    Robert (Turd) Ferguson is honestly a descent number 2 or 3 receiver IF he can stay healthy.
    So far, he's walking upright and will contribute just fine.
    Sidney Rice should be adequate in his first season (barring MossMan it's rare for a receiver to be dominant, so we can't expect too much from the kid).

    And this is coming from a Gloom and Doom type fan here.
    I don't think we're headed for a glorious season, but our offense will be improved.
    The right side of our line, we all know, needs work.
    I think it would help a ton if we could obtain a REAL right tackle and allow Cook and Marcus Johnson to go back to their original guard positions.
    They're both very powerful and instinctive players, but they both seem out of their element at tackle.
    I'm not from the belief that you can just throw members on the O-line around as if they're universally compatible.
    I think a genuine tackle to the right, and moving Cook and Johnson to compete for the right guard would do a world of good.

    Plus, our special teams reek, and Ferraro should probably go.
    Those are the Gloom and Doom things on our team right now.
    I'm not seeing it from our pass game.
    (We'd all like a Chad Johnson go-to type receiver - but we can do with what we have fine for now)

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