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Thread: Defense

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    The defense has so much talent, its just being destroyed by all of the bad places they have been put in by the offense! We have one of the best corner tandems in the NFL right?? Well then why are the corners lineing up 10 yards away from the reciever? Yes, you can respect their speed, but do some bump and run coverage? We need to delay the recievers on starting their routes so the d-line and linebackers have a chance to get to the quarterback!

    Anyone agree??
    Don t Give up yet, we still have a chance, just a few holes!!

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    Re: Defense

    absolutly, we need to put some pressure on the QB!

    if he has to hold the ball longer, more time for us to sack him!

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    Re: Defense

    The fact that they were on the field for 95% of the game has something to do with it, but that still doesn't explain the 70 yard touchdown catch given up to C. Johnson on the second play of the game.

    Whether it was Ted Cotrell's miserable scheme or just bad play by the CB's, we couldn't cover ANYONE last week. Whether it be 1st and 10 or 3rd and 20. It didn't matter. Palmer threw it anywhere he wanted.

    Plus, our line has no push. K.williams looks like a rookie again.
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    Re: Defense

    I went to and looked at their stats. Crazy. Everyone knows how GOOD! the new Kansas City defense is, right? They are ranked #26! The media is RAVING about them everywhere. They are ranked #26.

    The Vikes D? They are hangin' by a thread at #30. And the thing that kills me is, if they had stopped that 71 yard run by C. Williams, or Chad Johnsons long catch, we would be right with the media darling Chief's D.

    Tell me what happens once the Vikes D doesn't have to play 3/4 of the game.?Its gonna be SWEET!

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    Re: Defense

    our d looks alright

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    Re: Defense

    Our Defense will get better every game. Before long they will be playing together as a unit with excellant comunication and execution. At the end of the year we will be Dominant and a major contributer to a Super Bowl run.

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    Re: Defense

    I think for the corners to play "tight" coverage, where you line the CB's up in a bump and run type coverage, you need a good pass rush. Basicly bump and run will take away the quick passes but increases the chance of giving up the long ball. So you need presure on the QB within a few seconds for the bump and run to be effective.

    With them playing off the receivers it leaves open the quick passes but makes it harder to hit the long pass. Untill we generate a pass rush we are in trouble no matter what way we go. If the qb has 5 seconds to throw the ball, your defense is going to have problems not matter what.

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    Re: Defense

    we need to blitz LB's more and get in there, I agree with you 100% all starts with the pressure to the QB.

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Re: Defense

    The rankings mean little usually, especially this time of the year. The stats are jumping all over the place depending on a game. Give them a while to settle in and the Vikes will be hovering around the middle of the pack.

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    Re: Defense

    I pretty much agree with all that was said up there.. The big plays kill us.. We need to get us some big plays for us.. I'm not concerned about the rankings.. When everyone is back and healthy and start to come together it will get much better and we will actually have a pretty decent defense

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